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Originally Posted by GOT COPE? View Post
Thanks for the feedback guys, loving it. It's the friends, drinks, and campfires we miss so much. Keep it coming and we'll come up with a plan here soon.
This is what I miss most about the SETOs that I was able to attend. Put it anywhere you want, anytime you want and people will show up just for the fun of wheeling and the fellowship. I haven't heard/seen anyone bad-mouthing you two over your efforts since little man came along so don't worry about that. All the "glamour" aspects with a raffle, gift bags, etc won't be missed by many, especially the ones who come to hang out more than anything. T-shirts however are not "glamour" items and are a requirement haha

However, I do have 2 disclaimers for this year:
1. I will probably be looking for an open seat IF (see disclaimer 2) I'm able to make it.
2. If it's Labor Day weekend, I'm out. We'll be traveling to Michigan for Rolison's wedding.

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