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Nicole, Colin -

Just want to start out by saying we appreciate everything you have done to organize and host past SETO events. You should not feel obligated to do anything for future events as we all know life events sometimes get in the way. I'm in the same boat as Alan... I've been to Harlan a couple of times and it's just too damn far for a weekend excursion. I work 8-5 Friday, leave by 7PM and don't arrive until 1-2AM. That just isn't fun for me and that is why I did not attend last year. Windrock is about as far I am willing to drive for a weekend, that's just me and my decision. If I'm going to drive across the country for longer than that it's gonna be for a 2 week expo. I like TSL back massages but I can only handle so much! Unlike most folks, my truck is also my daily driver, has been since 2003 and will continue to be until it falls apart, so the thought of breaking down that far from home is a little daunting when I have to be back at work as soon as I get home. Pick a location, set a date and I will do my best to be there. Labor Day also happens to be Heather's birthday so I have to tread lightly around that. Raffle is nice, but I never win anything except Autozone car wax anyway so meh, we could do without it.

As for Durhamtown Tellico, Chris and I went last year? or the year before. The trails were nice, steep and scenic but did not have a lot of variety. Most are either really easy or hard core plus some. We took the expedition type trail (waaaay out and back) that connected to the old Tellico trail 4?. I loved it, lots of rocks, just the right amount of difficulty but an all day affair. I know they were in the process of building new trails when we were there. They also had just opened up the cabins and camping areas. I think it would be a great place to host SETO...assuming they have room to host a large group and the trails have improved.

Edit: I forgot there is always Crawford's Campground right down the road from DT if it's still open...

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