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It's all about the striped newt and wood peckers man!!! I say shoot the peckers for destroying our trees... And the newts are a valuable asset to the local witch doctor community... I like what they had to say about rodman pit:

In addition, the area known as Rodman Pit will be designated as an OHV day use area.
• The 37 acre area is an old borrow pit that provided fill material during construction of Rodman Dam. The site will be used as a disposal area for lake sediment and dam fill material when Rodman Dam and Lake are removed. Therefore, the pit will not be restored until dam removal is complete.• Designation as a day use OHV area allows the forest to provide a variety of OHV experiences.
• The site will function as a parking and staging area for OHV riders on the north part of the forest.
• The site is relatively flat, has very deep sandy soils, and all drainage is internal. As such, no adverse soil and water impacts are expected to occur.
• The flatness of the site, lack of steep slopes and few obstacles make the site a safe area for such use.• Designation as an OHV day use area will provide opportunities to educate and interpret Tread Lightly ethics.
• Some amenities, such as parking and trash containers, are all that will be needed. Flush toilets are available at Rodman Spillway developed recreation site.
• Noise and trash were concerns expressed by the public. I believe that as a managed day use area with planned monitoring efforts that these impacts can be minimized. Our management of the area can be adapted appropriately.

How about they get out there and MANAGE the forests... keep an eye on what is going on. Harsher punishments... make people respect the forests, don't penalize the guys that are cleaning it up and educating others on proper use!!! Sorry I'll get off my soap box now... just irritated me after reading that whole thing!!!
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