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Originally Posted by Iggy
well go to the site and look at their stuff they call them self responsible but they drink on the trail they go and "DIG HOLES" so people get stuck
Iggy, before you assume that another "club" is causes trouble and start bad mouthing them, you need to review our pictures. I look at the pics and videos on their site and they aren't doing anything diff. from us, besides they are mostly wheeling in mud. I didn't see any pics of them drinking and wheeling/driving, for you or anyone else knows they were at camp for the night and putting a few cold ones down while talking about the days run. Saying stuff like that will give you and them a really bad name so you really need to think before you post.

Back to topic,

If I remember right at the MLK campout the FLWA said the the FS was going to leave some of the Rodman Damn area open for OHV. This a total BS, that place sucks. FLWA needs to step up and fight, I've signed everything they've had but it isn't working. I'd pay a increse in member fees if they use it to fight it.

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