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What should have been taken from the minutes:

1. Phase 1 ADP is done. All that we are waiting on is the map. While leo's can give you tickets they are not enforcing the adp. They are simply doing what they should have been doing all along.

2. Tickets can't be given unless the ranger or leo see's you doing harm to the environment.

3. Phase 1 we were worried about the amount of trails being closed. The trails that were closed really didn't affect us too much.

4. Phase 2 we need to be more aware of the quality of trails being closed. The scoping period is our chance to recommend the trails that we want to remain open. sooo.. If you know of a trail in ONF that you would like to see remain open let me know about it and I'll turn it in.

5. We may be assigned an area in the ONF to "scope out" for trails. When I find out IF were are going to be assigned I'll let you know what is required.

6, FL4WDA/ Neighborhood watch. I am going to encourage only people who are responsible wheelers to follow up on this. This is a non-confrontational thing. We are not waving flyers in people's faces. We are visibly documenting the people who are abusing the forest.

So to sum up:

Bosco- FL4WDA is going to let the appeal thing go...not gonna doit.

USMCRacing- FL4WDA got into ADP after phase 1 scoping was over so all that could be done was damage control. Yes Rodman sucks.

Iggy- Stay on topic. Mogs won't make a difference. And I do know how to delete the stuf that doesn't matter.


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