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I believe in what Tread Lightly is doing for the off-highway communities.
It's up to each one of you to decide for yourself if you feel it's worth $20 annual fee for the "Individual Membership". Fl4WDA is working with TL, so we should show the support as well.
This is my opinion, you may not agree with me... So be it, I would like to think I'm doing my part by supporting the organizations fighting for us to have a place to wheel with our friends.

I wasn't going to put this in, but I feel it needs to be said.
I'm proud to wheel with the guys here in SoFla, Skip, Paul, Dave and Rick. We have fun together, we stay strictly to the trails that are permitted and don't deviate. I have never had to ask anyone of them to pick up their trash or don't do that. The last run to J.W. Corbett my wife was with me, she and I really enjoyed the trails. She had the camera ready just in case she had the chance to snap a picture of the wildlife out there.

My point... I would ready hate to lose the oppurtunity for my children to get the chance to view nature up close and personal.

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