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Originally Posted by usmcracing
FLWA needs to step up and fight, I've signed everything they've had but it isn't working. I'd pay a increse in member fees if they use it to fight it.
ok, member fees will get bumped up to about 1500 per year per person, sound ok to you? read the minutes again if you missed how much it would cost to litigate.

(rest of this message written in broad terms, not entirely a reply to usmcracing so if it doesnt apply then dont put a chip on your shoulder)

the state of florida in terms of off-road recreation appears to be in a state of growing pains. other states have worked very hard to provide access to areas or create areas of interest and its not hard to figure out where...just look around on the various forums for out of state trips, georgia, kentucky, alabama, tennessee, north carolina...whats the difference? do you think god just tossed a park over there? takes alot of time, money, energy and COMMITTMENT to get these things done.

fl4wda has always been big on public lands and we remain that way. we are certainly open to and are investigating private parks...but we can only do so much. for the most part, two people (including myslef) do all the leg work so keep that in mind when you use the term fl4wda. i can tell you that many counties around the state are checking into and preparing grant proposals for parks now that they are seeing how much money it can bring in...takes time.

we hope to bring on some more folks, just have to get people interested. in short, critisize all you want but beware of what it will get you....nothing.

edit: i agree, rodman aint the bomb.
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