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Originally Posted by nickcuban View Post
i wouldnt be so sure about a stock being able to do it... at least not all of them
I don't care, it isn't worth it. For a dirt bike it'd be fun. I've know a few people that went there a couple weeks ago and from the pictures/what they said the wheeling there is very easy. Yes there was more then one stock 4wd that was there and if I rember right it was a stock Nissan Hard Body and even one of the guys that was having trouble getting his truck to go into 4wd so he wheeled it in 2wd and they went every where in there.

Don't get me wrong a ORV Park in Fl is a great idea but don't go and charge some crazy high fee to wheel on a dirt bike track and a few hills. For the price that they are charging the trails should range from skill/4wd level and should include the whole weekend. They don't even have a trail system set up yet. I know there is room and plans to have trails cut/made and I'm sure that it'll get better as the time goes by.

River Rock is $50 for the weekend and that can on Thur or whenever you get there. There's trails there for all types of 4wds there.

Maybe after they get the all the trails ready I'll rethink how I feel about the park and if it was worth it.

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