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Originally Posted by gittinit View Post
ok here it is I'm gonna put this truck up for sale. I can't belive I'm doing this.
For a while now I have been wanting a four seater, but I can't bring myself to cut the cab on this thing.

85 regular cab
22r /38 webber carb, and k/n filter bored 60 over and rebuilt by me
Brand new deep cell battery
Marlin crawler highsteer crossover Hydro assist with 1 1/2x 6"stroke cylinder
Marlin dual cases with stock 2.28 gears
30 spline longfield superaxles, and cromoly hub gears
5.29 Yukon ring and pinions front(lockright) and rear(Welded)
36 13.5 Iroc bias ply tires on 15x8 wagon wheels/ weld on beadlocks, powdercoated black with red rings
Square 1/4 wall front shaft, 3/16 wall rear shaft(not balanced)
Exo cage 1 3/4x 1.20 wall HREW
Warn 8264 upright winch
Front suspension-Origonal rears up front with s-10 rears added ORU lift shackles Rancho 5012 shocks 1.5 wheel spacers
Rear suspension- 63"chevy springs, and homemade shackles, and homemade taller than stock perches procomp shocks
Aftermarket seats, verry nice, tunerFX
Tube, and full doors
Custom diff armor
cooler mount and tool box built into flatbed
T cases tucked up for a almost flat bottom side

I'm shure there is more, but I can't think of it right now. I'm not gonna list this any where else, and I'm not 100% on selling, but I am shure I want another rig. I may just have to get a ballanced rear shaft, and use it for commuting, its that reliable.

$6000 takes it home,or wheeling whichever you choose.
I lowered the price a little. Make me some reasonable offers.
WTF! I THINK I JUST SHAT MY PANTS.. You selling the red wasp? No way... You've gotta build something else before you drop this one.

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