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  • Derka ·
    where about are you located. I will be going up to cullowhee this wknd and will be coming back sunday afternoon....If you are available sunday let me know, i'd like to stop by if possible.

    Btw i havent gotten a chance to measure my front spring lenght yet, but if the rear springs are too long i may need your front springs. I will let you know soon.

    I def want the shocks, and the stock steering box (if in good condition).


    ps your pm box is full. :)
    misterzee ·
    DooD, can i get in touch with you about info on a couple roads you used when we scouted you southern expedition?
    thanks, mike
    WJW FJ ·
    I have been reading the Highlands post and my brother (JBC) and I are looking forward to the ride. However because I am new to this forum and new to this group I want to ask if it is still ok if my brother and I tag along. I have put a lot of rides together in my wheeling life and its hard to know if people are cool till you get in the woods. I have however not had a bad experiance since I moved to Toyota's. I want you to know if its going to be a problem if we come that I understand and its no hard feelings. I like meeting and riding with new groups because we all have a common interest and making friends all over the southest helps you find new and cool places to wheel. My brother and I talked about it tonight and we don't want to be a problem just let us know. Thanks Josh
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