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  • NWA_TRD ·
    Hey Glen, its Cody. Just wanted to say thanks for the hospitality and for guiding me around at Takeover.
    88coltrunner ·
    hey dad im back at kayla and dustins and on the way i tried to get it to kick down but it wouldent do it i had to shift it a couple of times and i know im not supposed to do that but its still habit cause of the chevy and i had to pat the gas at a couple of times cause it was idling to fast im gonna leave early enough to get u to look at it
    88coltrunner ·
    hey dad ive got a slight miss but im not sure when i get a chance to come up there i need u to check it out and we need to get that air fuel mixture adjusted when u can give me a call
    gittinit ·
    Hey Glen I was reading the roll call list for the ttora event. Who is this guy?-yaker Guy, Ar Camping 4 Level Three Level 3 trails? Whats he got? I thought I knew all the arkies....Guess not.
    oby ·
    Back in the Game! I missed that 89 to bad. I am buying it back. I don't have a lot of time now to search for stuff. I was wondering if you knew of any good threads about putting dana's under a yota. can I run the stock tranny/transfer case with dana's? couldn't stay away. ready to build a monster. annaclaire misses it to. I will be back on the trail with you guys. know anyone who wants some 31 inch super swampers?
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