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  1. so who is currently running FL chapter now?

    General Discussions
    Kyle was the last president we had. I really could't tell you when he was on here last though.
  2. FL-TTORA logo

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    After Toxic stepped down, Kyle(JDM Punk) became prez. If you can get ahold of Toxic, I beleive he still has some of the FL-TTORA stickers that we had made up.
  3. Croom/Citrus on 4-30

    Central Region
    As far as I know everything is still a go with the same times and location. Paul and Yonto had a good idea about parking on the side of the road like in his pic. Looks like plenty of room for everyone.
  4. Croom/Citrus on 4-30

    Central Region
    Yea, they where talking about possibly parking there instead of the Mcdonalds. I think the biggest pain is going to try and get everyone rolling down the road without getting to seperated with the lights. I am sure we will come up with something though.
  5. Croom/Citrus on 4-30

    Central Region
    As far as I know and as of right now yes, that is the plan. They might change the meeting spot to a different parking lot in that area because at last count we had about 30 or 31 trucks coming. McDonalds might get a little upset if we take up the whole parking If it gets changed I...
  6. New group Pensacolla-Destin. Interested?

    Panhandle Region
    Very cool. Glad to see that there are enough guys up in that area that you can go out and have some fun. Did you end up catching any fish? I go up to St. George Island every year for vacation around the end of Oct. It would be great to ride over that way for the day and meet up with some of...
  7. Who's the a$$ hole with the BA Sandstorm FJ around Navarre?

    Panhandle Region
    Doesn't sound familar, but I havn't met any of the panhandle members. Anyway, welcome to the club!
  8. Croom/Citrus on 4-30

    Central Region
    Try and make it out if you can. As of now we have 22 trucks that are going. We didn't plan on this big of a turnout so its kinda turning into a weekend trip and camping for some of the guys coming from further away. The original meet time was going to be noon saturday but i know there are a...
  9. Croom/Citrus on 4-30

    Central Region
    There is a small group from Tacoma World that are going out to croom, and citrus at the end of next month. They just posted it today so they don't have a meeting place or time yet. I am going and if anyone else wants to join us, let me know and i will keep this updated when i find more out.
  10. Jobs

    Northern Region
    Welcome to Florida! I live down south on the gulf coast so I couldn't begin to tell you where to look for a job in Jacksonville. I hope you find something and good luck looking.
  11. Croom and maybe citrus

    Central Region
    There are a few guys over on the TW site that are going to head out to croom this sunday morning and ride around for a while. Maybe when we are done there we might head over to citrus for a while too. I am going to be going with them and thought i would post it up here if anyone wants to go...
  12. New the area

    General Discussions
    Welcome to the both of you. I have never been up there, but I have seen some pretty good pics from some of the older members that use to go out to play in Eglin. The furthest over that way I ever seem to get is St. George Island for vacation.
  13. where is every body

    Panhandle Region
    I am not sure how many members are still up in that area. I know there are some over around tallahasee.
  14. feb 26th and 27th(sat,sun)

    Central Region
    Yea, I stopped and looked at that map because they have changed all the road numbers. I went past there and went into the woods and went around the bombing range then headed over to Big Scrub and rode around the rest of the day. What few times I could get a signal I tried to call Nick, but he...
  15. feb 26th and 27th(sat,sun)

    Central Region
    Not sure how many other people you guys where waiting around for, but I called Nick earlier that morning before we where suppose to meet up to let him know I wouldn't be up there till later that day. I don't know what time he actually got the message though because he didn't end up calling me...