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  • equin ·
    Once again I failed to realize you had left me a message on here. Sorry about that! Which job offer did you take? Both places sure sound like nice locations. I’m still a fed here in Dallas believe it or not. I don’t mind Dallas but have been itching to move. Unfortunately, the wife was raised here and wants to stay.
    equin ·
    Sorry to say it's taken me about 6 years to realize you sent me a visitor message! Sorry for the delay in responding. Heck, you probably don't even remember you sent me a message! Anyway, still working for the feds here in Dallas. Reluctantly sold my '03 Tacoma to fund a new 2015 Tundra last year. Only reason I did so is because my 2 year old son's carseat wouldn't fit in the Taco. The Tundra is nice, but too big and heavy to wheel in my opinion.

    You still in Farmington? Never been there but hear it's nice and scenic, and I'm sure no where near as hot and humid in the summer as it is here in Texas. You still have your Taco? Hope all's well at your end, amigo.
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