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  • v8cobra99 ·
    Sorry to ask a stupid question... How do I insert pictures in my postings ??? I see I can add attachments, but it looks like that has a memory/size limit.
    Oswego ·
    I have a GB going on right now in TW and TOR and I was wondering if I could post it up here. I'm a TTORA n00b and I read the rules, but I wasn't 100% sure it was ok so I figured I'd ask before pissing in someones Wheaties. It's a pretty good deal on snorkels for 1st/2nd gen Tacomas, T100, 06-07 FJ's + anyone willing to pick them up from my location gets free shipping when we do the buy and get them shipped all at once. Here is a link

    Let me know if I can start a thread over here so we can get some better pricing for everyone.

    Chrispy ·

    If its possible, you (or someone else) can delete my profile from TTORA. I will no longer use the forum as I have sold my Tacoma. If its not possible, oh well. Thanks.
    Chrispy ·
    I'm not trying to b a snitch, but Mrbigbri seems to enjoy talking mess about peoples for sell items. To be exact, it was my items. I know i did the same thing a few months ago, but i learned my lesson and now that I'm the victim, I understand the importance of not being a butthead to others trying to sell as you please.
    NomadTRD ·
    whats up dude.

    i cant find the mdttora site.

    secondly, i'm looking for a stock or aftermarket front bumper for an 01-04. if you know anyone in the DelMarVa that has one, let me know.

    i'll take aftermarket or oem and paint it myself, AA Co. already hit me up with a fix it ticket.
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