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  • DudeMan ·
    Sorry man...guess I never check my messages :) I drew it up on paper, took some measurements and got out the welder. No kit that I'm aware of.
    Tacoma Jake ·
    That would be cool... I use to go up there all the time when I was younger. I currently have a very close to stock truck, but it would still be fun. Maybe Ill have fix'd her up by the time your ready tho, lol. You decide on plans for your new truck?
    blown4runner ·
    9" of IFS lift? I didn't run it on purpose you know, right? I bought the truck with the lift on it. But, to answer your question, I'm running 37s with a D44 swap in the front now and 5:29 gears in an auto. The info on the truck is in the short write up I did, link is in my sig.
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