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  1. WTB 8" 5:29 ring and pinion

    Can you set up gears? If yoy change your mind let me know
  2. WTB: mini truck solid axle spindle

    No spindles. But I do have ifs leftovers. I believe the wheel bearings are the same. Also the hub bodys can be used to widen a mini axle
  3. 1989 Xtracab motor swap options?

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    3.4 here is why the 2.7 and 3.4 are both great engines! I wish I had a 2.7 in my 86 4runner. It has a 22re in it now. You already have a 3.0 the motor mounts should match up to the 3.4 and your R series tranny will bolt up to it also. This will save you from buying adapters or a tranny too...
  4. Weight of top and back gate

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    Closer but still seems high to me. Ive moved the top myself. I would guess 120 ish the tail gate with no glass or motor id say less then 50. My glsss weighed less then 15lbs
  5. Anyone need any 2nd gen parts?

    For Sale/WTB in PA
    Tail lights and front marker lights? Radio bezzel if its not cut up?
  6. winter 2014 run

    Upcoming Events
    So brad is coming too. Joe said he ciuld arive around 9:00 want to try for that?
  7. winter 2014 run

    Upcoming Events
    Just let me know if someone is going to back out. That way I can work saturday if im not going anywhere
  8. winter 2014 run

    Upcoming Events
    It would be good to wheel with you again. I had fun last spring. Did you ever use that e locker 3rd for anything?
  9. Total Rear End Rebuild

    Dosent wrenching in snow suck?
  10. winter 2014 run

    Upcoming Events
    So who is going to have a empty seat for me
  11. High Pinon 3RD

    For Sale/WTB in PA
    No problem. Get it done!
  12. High Pinon 3RD

    For Sale/WTB in PA
    want to seperate that spartan?
  13. winter 2014 run

    Upcoming Events
    how about you let us all test drive it ;)
  14. winter 2014 run

    Upcoming Events
    Christmas, new years, birthday. 18ths about the soonest I can go.
  15. 1987 Toyota truggy

    For Sale/WTB in PA
    Bargan price. If I werent so far into mine it would be a great buy