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  • Viva Villa ·
    Hey Mark, new guy here out of Avondale. Any idea why when i try to start a new thread to introduce myself in the new guy thread it won't allow me?
    lake taco ·
    Hey Mark,
    Anything new on a run on November 14th
    I will be down for the weekend and Saturday is completely open. I will be staying at Dobson and Warner so i believe it should be easy to meet up in the am
    Talk with you later
    Nater ·
    Mark, Good to meet you at AZROCKS this year. I forgot to ask about an AZttora sticker, how do I get one? You've done a great job runnin the show here!
    AzBearFan ·
    Mark, I was planning on coming out to AZR and running the Sheeps Bridge trail and picking up my shirts but have an opportunity to make some money this weekend and, being unemployed, thats a big deal and I can't pass it up. Are there any plans yet on meeting up next weekend or something to give out shirts if we can't make it to TM?
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