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  • Buhner ·
    I am new to this forum, but have been reading your posts about diesel conversions for 4-runners. I have an FJ40 Landcruiser with the original straight 6 and am considering a diesel conversion for it. Do you have any recommendations? I am hoping to get better mileage and change the transmission to allow for freeway speeds but still be able to go off-road. I don't want to sacrifice power or performance but want something that will also fit without a ton of modification to mount. Any ideas? Thanks.s
    03uluahunta ·

    You know of any company that makes rock sliders for a first gen tacoma thats bolt on with kick out?

    Also are you a part of planbfab? if so can you guys make me a rock sliders w/kickout?
    lbctermite ·
    hey there, i did a search on rear end's being busted due to the fact that mine broke on me on thursday. sounds like the same problem that i had and want to confirm it. did it make clanking noises and the rear end vibrate? warranty will be an issue since i'm over the limit but just wanted to know what i can do. i'm taking it to the shop that put my new gears in and see if i can get new gears thru that warranty. thanks in advance.
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