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  • hawaiisurfer ·

    I saw some pictures of bed bars that you've made and was wondering if I could get a quote on one? I have a 2001 Tacoma DC.

    Thank you,
    poedunkk ·
    hey bud,

    im a previous member on here. im friends with matt (hilbilly) and jus recently met kyle this weekend. i was whoping to get a quote on some sliders i live in ga and could probably drive up to pick em up. i like your design, i do want a kickout.

    only "problem" is i no longer am in the toyota game (couldnt afford the retail after my last taco was totalled) i now own a nissan frontier. fortunately i have the same length as the 88's i think...69"

    what price would ya qoute me at bud
    GVY ·

    I've been searching for a bed bar and I saw the post on here with pictures of the one that you made for SADGOAT. I'd love to have one because it has all of the features that I've been looking for. What will the price run me and does it come painted? Thanks.

    thebig95T ·
    Hey man, that is a SICK 4Runner! Im up in Knoxville, and I guy that comes into my work alot with a white 02 Taco with black rockgurads and front and rear bumpers told me to check it out! and its Dirty!!! You think I could do the same type of SAS Swap on my 95T? and bout how much would that run me?
    TacoBilly07 ·
    hey dude i was seeing how much it would cost to get a bumper like yours for my 97 4runner minus the bars on top. message me back . thanks
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