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  • Dragon0069 ·
    What up Dog! Happy Holiday's. I am back online and ready to go wheel-in. I just bought a new toy, no more riding the Harley ever where I go. How are you doing? I hope everything in great and well.
    FluByU ·
    I dont know I have a lot of schools coming up, I am really only going to be in town during August. I leave in Apr come back for Aug then leave again until Jan 10. I am trying to get my truck ready to roll before I do and hit up some trails to test her out. When is the next meeting so I can swing by and introduce myself.
    my034runner ·
    Hey, sorry, didn't know I had a message! My WebMaster is Carl (crhannig) PM or message him, and let him know what is happening....or not happening, and see if he can fix it.
    Let me know what happens....Are you going to be here in town in time for our Easter Mojave Road trip? Let me know!
    FluByU ·

    I have been trying to post but the site wont let me. It says I havent posted before and have to postin the new members area but it wont let me do that either. I have tried to reactivate my account 3 times with no luck. Since your the prez can you fix me up or do you know who the site admin is so I can get this fixed?
    tan-jeep ·
    yes i will never stop wheeling i am looking for a stockish taco I work on weekends so most of my wheeling is done mid week but i am always looking for people to go with!!!
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