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  1. What did you do to your rig today?

    General Discussions
    Around the sides and up around the top. Leave those alone. I cut all mine out and plated all the way around. You can kinda see in the above picture. i thought i had pointed them out when you first saw them .....
  2. A new Felix

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    ouch!!! what transmission was in there? Had too look it up. But i got some bearings and seals from him when i rebuilt my uncles shitty teraflex Tcase and Ax-15 tranny. - Good guy to deal with. Thanks for mentioning it, as i forgot their name.
  3. Interest in a 'roller'?

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    Thing is Sick! Been following along on Pirate! I am itching to get out too. I have no plans yet, still a little early for high altitude stuff, but might be able to hit penrose or something. Let me see if we can get something together. I am down in the Springs though.
  4. What did you do to your rig today?

    General Discussions
    We can take a look at the tube work at some point. Wont spin? As in mechanically bound in the pumpkin or the caliper is jacked ?
  5. What did you do to your rig today?

    General Discussions
    I am literally right around the corner from you if you need a hand. I also work for Beer. I heard felix is looking for some tube work as well ...... Hit me up. Wak job i need to pick your brain on some tranny swap stuff (LOL :winking:) .. I need to convert a 2rz to manual, wanted to use an...
  6. What did you do to your rig today?

    General Discussions
    Nice, but why in reverse? That's a lot of load on the coast side of the gears Welcome btw!
  7. Official COTTORA Spotted Thread

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    lol i missed you again..... there are two lanes there. I didn't cut them off
  8. A new Felix

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    what is peak operating temp for that motor? 210 is probably about right for a bowtie. Dodges run around 220 and Ford around 200. You using a PSC ram this time? HA on the bleeding process :surprise:
  9. Nushagak

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    Sounds like it was close to catastrophic....... slow down bro, make sure you get everything tight. You just dropped that motor in. I missed something somewhere...who is Togiak
  10. Nushagak

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    Sweet! Looking good! What the hell did you do to that clutch?
  11. A new Felix

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    Why is it so hot in cab? Exhaust or is it coming through the firewall? What temp is the engine running at? Is your temp gauge correct?
  12. Nushagak

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    Keep the AC! When you wheel Penrose in the summer you will be thankful for it. Even with the half doors it keeps it nice and cool. You may want to rethink open exhaust. Its a pain trying to listen to spotters when all you can hear is the truck. I am going back to a quieter exhaust at some...
  13. 8/2 Eagle Rock

    Past Events – Photos
    Those are good shots from ER! :facepalm: bikini car wash
  14. A new Felix

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    hey! that's been fixed! Besides ... it added more "flex" :p
  15. A new Felix

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    Silly toy axles!!! :cool: