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  • Matt Cox ·
    Hey I was just wondering if you still had those frame plate templates. If so was wondering if I could get a copy? I am getting ready to start my sas here in the in the next week or so. If I could get a copy it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks matt
    Zhoen ·
    Just wanted to say how much I love your green Tacoma. I was wondering is that rear fender custom or did you buy it from someplace? Thanks
    Jaino240 ·
    Hey man, newbie here from Sacto. Been looking for an 01-04 Tacoma and was wondering if you have any knowledge on the Tacomas frame bending. Im not going too extreme, just mild trails and camping. I've heard many stories about frames bending and rust, but I dont think rust would be issue given we're in Norcal. Basically are the Tacoma frames strong enough to do mild trails, and camping? Thanks in advance
    baja dan ·
    hey bro i got some questions on how you did you sas w/ toy axle, actually just the cutting and flipping the the balls on the endes can you still drive it on the freeway? is it easier to use adana 44?????????
    nofearultimate1 ·
    hey you comment on my page earlyier it has cromally high steer and a box already but some one was telling me i needed a bolt hole in the front of the motor do you kno what they mean
    DesertRatliff ·
    Hi Phil,

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I'm still interested in that timing belt tensioner. If I could have your Pay Pal address, I'll send you the shipping, deposit and at least a little extra for your trouble. Thanks for the offer and help.

    bryan750 ·
    Nice truck I love your front bumper design and I was wondering if I could trouble you for a few pictures of it?
    Thanks for any help
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