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  • packrat1 ·
    I know why your messages are not comming through to my email - you are using visitor messages instead of private message - Im not sure the difference, but a PM will forward to my email and I know its there...
    packrat1 ·
    Sorry for the late response - again... Ive been busy with a bumper, so my taco time was not in front of the mac.

    Im hard to miss, so it probably was me. I'll keep looking for you. I wave for all yodas with mods on them - never know, might see em on the trail some day.

    BTW, your messages are not posting through to my email, Im not sure why, but I don't see you've sent one unless I log onto my CP - I'll try to be more attentive, Im not trying to ignore you - FYI

    I missed the 19th spring creek run due to a miss ordered front axle seal. Piss me off. Oh well, there will be some other days.
    We should wheel some time. Right now Im in the process of converting packrat back into winter transportation, for skiing priorities - I don't think I'll be wheeling again until the spring thaw - it takes me about a half day to go from DD to trail machine, so when I convert, it stays like that for a while -

    let me know when you get those sliders on and we'll go scrape them up!


    Robert the Bruce ·
    19th? are you doing the spring creak run? I'm trying to get some sliders on my truck, before i go out again, but looks like that might not happen for another few weeks. The only thing distiguishing wouild be the two light force lights and a white burton sticker on the front wind shield. You know I think I did see you at the first basalt light, probably a week ago. I couldn't imagine there would be another silver sas taco around here. If that was you, we def. waved to eachother.
    packrat1 ·
    hey, thanks for the compliment! - Ive been out of town, didn't get your message till just now. explains the late response.

    Im usu in basalt on mon and wed. Live in bonedale - misery hieghts.

    Im up and down 82, just like you I guess, but maybe not on your schedule. I'll look for your blue taco - any distinguishing features to be spotted at 65?

    Im wheeling/camping on the 19th - wanna come out play?
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