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  • fire 237 ·
    I talked to the guy at marlin crawler about the clutch today ,and he said the clutch was a good one.aisin and seco made clutches for toyota.

    love your rig, and it has many of the mods that i want to make. Just had a question for ya. if i was going to do the 4x coversion and im not to much on wrenching, atleast not on a project that big, do you think there are people could do it for you.?
    AlexXx ·
    Hey man how's it going?

    I have a question regarding the 4x4 conversion. Ok I found CV's on the internet, but there's so many to choose from.

    if you like to check them out and give your opinion on the best one to get that would be awesome.

    I want to invest in some manual hubs. I know you bought the Aisin ones, I searched for them and all i found was ones that fit up to a 95.

    Was it hard to find the parts you needed? I been searching for parts at junk and salvage yards but none of them have tacos.

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