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  • BigBad ·
    Hey PM me back. You better not be a scammer. I sent you $45 for parts 10 days ago and haven't heard from you and I can see you've been online
    TheAussie1 ·
    There are some good lookin rigs up there in Redding. I've been goin North for work lately (only see the same stretch of 273 I think it is) but nonetheless some decent rides
    AK 82toy ·
    not sure if any place i used to go would do any good, havent been there in 19 years, my buddy and i used to go across the dam to dry creek and the road keeps going then turns into a trail last time i was there we had to stack rocks cause of washouts, then up past shingletown theres a place called viola {used to live there} theres a bunch of skid roads that go all over but you can drive from 44 across to 36.
    AK 82toy ·
    hows it going, im just being courious and wondering where you go wheeling at, i used to live in redding, graduated HS from anderson and got my automotive degree from shasta.
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