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  1. Stock on 33's and after lift

    no one seemed to notice... why isnt ur truck running right now?
  2. Just another 2.5" Lift

    JDM Punk... Looks good man! How do the 31x10.5 look with the 2.5"? I am thinking about getting Bilsteins set a 2.5. I want to keep my 31x10.5 but don't want them to look too small
  3. New BFG M/Ts

    Very sharp looking! Few questions for you: 1. What size and backspacing are your Classic II's? 2. What is the 4 blue cyclinders in the bed? 3. How in the HECK did you score a steal on those tires?
  4. Front Light bar w/ Hella 500's

    David, Sorry to hijack your thread. I was looking through your pictures from your thread and saw that you had a cover for the area under your CD Player. Did you make it yourself or buy it somewhere? BTW, Heres a BUMP for ya! lol
  5. 95-00 OEM Tacoma Bug Deflector

    Any scratches or cracks?
  6. Tundra 2wd

    Tundra Tech
    I am thinking about trading my Tacoma in for a 05-06' Tundra. If I decide to get 2wd I would want the stance to be at the 4wd level. How much lift would it take for the 2wd's to be at the 4wd clearance. I wish the Tundra's came in the Prerunner models like our Tacoma's do. Oh, I've...
  7. Retainer

    Received it Wednesday. Thanks Toytech! Great Service and would recommend their business to everyone!!!!
  8. My Wanted List

    I've been busy with some personal issues lately bud. I havent had a chance to dig and look for them. I will this weekend
  9. Birmingham suspension help

    Ernie, That sounds great. I would love to do it myself (with a lot of help) gaining knowledge instead of paying a shop to do it. I installed my rear shocks so I have alittle bit of wrenching ability! (not much) Any tools I need to bring with me? I have a 2gal. air compressor, impact wrench...
  10. Retainer

    That is the right one. I have looked all over for that washer. Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, Napa, Hardware stores... You are awesome!
  11. how are you carrying mountain bikes

    Early Tacoma Tech
    I like that bike hitch rack a lot. What brand is it and how much if you don't mind me asking
  12. Retainer

    It is for the bottom part of the shock. PM sent I can't say enough great things about Toytec!!!
  13. Retainer

    Bump to top
  14. My Wanted List

    Ive got some stock blinker lights for the 2000 model... I'll see about posting some pics
  15. Starting problems

    Early Tacoma Tech
    +1 One single click would be your starter. My 00' did it with 103,000 miles on it. Replaced it and havent had a problem since!