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  • Erick561 ·
    alright, i ended up finding a package of 4 i already owned from my sas cuz the trail gear kit came with some and it happens that the frame shackle hanger on tacomas has the same od id as the pickup
    ricomann ·
    still the daily driver? my old dog is. rides like crap these days no matter what I do shy of underinflating tires... you ever find anyone had the need to swap out the body mounts?
    Plasstik ·
    Thank you for your input. I've seen a few guys mention your name for clutch info and such. What is your prefer? Marlin or CF DF because Marlin is half the cost as CF
    Wainiha ·
    Re: my thread on TO bearing possibly being the cause of the noise.
    Would you not recommend spraying grease in the holes at the slave boot, as suggested by a few?
    ngc2264 ·
    Hey Showstop, thanks for organizing a great Takeover event! I was apart of your trailgroup on saturday running Gold Mountain & Pontiac Sleuth. I had a blast and learned a lot. I met some great people too! Plus... no body damage to my tacoma. Great Job! Thanks.
    DezertFox ·
    I hate to bug you but when i tried to sign up for the trail runs i was told "to go back in time" So I'm a bit confused as in whats going on I'm pretty new at all this so just looking for whats going on i signed up at the socal site and i was 52 on the list so I'm wondering if something happend from now to then. Anyway thankyou for your time.
    rojodiablo ·
    Are you around Tyler??? I have been PM'ing you; are they getting through??? Try to call me tomorrow please! Paul. 714-801-5514. Gotta hit the bed, I am wiped out. Thanks, Paul.
    5keepers ·
    It's dead in here. You should lower the cover charge or something. How about getting some dancing whores or maybe some midget pr0n.
    F22Nrptr ·
    hey man, i was actuall missing the little plastic washer above the mount plate, kiiiindof important. all the readings are as you said now. Thanks for the help
    simigeology ·
    I am open on Friday. I have a 4.5" grinder (HF) but only used once. I can get a bigger grinder if needed. Need directions and a time and I'll be there if no rain.
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