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  • FrankM23 ·
    hey i saw what your bumper started out as. as an owner of a discovery 2 do you know where I can still buy one of those. the winch mount/a-bar set up
    Riverwood ·
    I'm looking into getting a 97' and was wondering if I could swap out my rear axel (00' V6 TRD) so I could have rear locking diff? Also how much did it cost do make yours locking?
    yota87truck ·
    Hey do you have any better pics of your sliders? I really like them and want to make me some similar to yours for my 98 Tacoma.
    vvcrow ·
    haha so i see you're online!! do you have AIM or on facebook? thanks again for your words of wisdom today!
    TacoCrazy ·
    Not really..The corner bracing is mostly still in mine and I have not had any issues. This bumper was done about 5 years ago by the way.
    js_iron ·
    Hey man I like your bumper setup. Do you have any pics of the high clearance bed or process of the cut without the bumper on? Im considering cutting mine, but I want to leave the corner bracing.
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