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  • micaiath ·
    Hello, I am new to the forum. do you still have the ext. cab i saw mentioned in a thread? looking for a good cab to put on my 98. Thanks
    7 venado ·
    Hey my friend, I need a little help since you know more;
    The axle that we talked about last Saturday. The guy is keeping the panhard bar and the full hidro set up. SO, I will need spring perches-tie rod-draglink with hiems instead of tie rod ends. Are those parts easy to find? What do you think Manny? Thanks in advance. Jose
    ericdg16 ·
    Hey Manny, didn't want to jack a thread and noticed in your sig that you are running almost the exact setup in your 98 that I wish to run in my 01 DC. Alot of people dog the Bracket style lifts, but as you know round here you need extra lift for the deep water crossings and a body lift won't work for me since I have a camper and it already bumps the cab on twisty maneuvers. Anyway I was curious how you like your setup and how durable it has been for you. How do you like the street ride.
    Yotaforlife ·
    I have a 98 Taco xcab as well. Was it difficult to swap in the celica seats? I have been considering a similar swap and building a custom console.
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