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  • motochain ·
    I didn't know if I should email you, call you, or send you a pm through here. I'll start with this anyway.

    I saw on another forum that you guys had done a clutch job on a 350z, and another ttora member mentioned toybox auto for Z's also.

    My car ('03 350z) is in need of a new throwout bearing I believe, so from my understanding, I might as well do the whole clutch setup.

    I've heard good things about the ACT clutch kit. Would you guys be able to install this on my car? It's kind of a bummer because I JUST bought the car but none the less.

    I was hoping to get it done next week (midweek), I'm coming down from Flagstaff. Would you be able to quote me a price?

    Thanks a TON!
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