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  • Mark_Lee ·

    Is there a way to change the name on my profile? Tapa talk used my full name and don't really like that.
    I'm not opposed of people knowing my name, just don't like my full name being displayed everywhere.

    meoluoi091 ·
    Bạn đang tìm game phù hợp cho bạn gái, vậy thì hãy nhanh tay tai game avatar , tai game bigone, hay tai game ai la trieu phu, -3 game hay dành cho phái đẹp nhé!
    Symmetry Flow ·
    Hello. I'm a new member and the user name I received when I registered is my email address. If possible, I would like that changed to WillyO (same name I have on other forums) to avoid possible future issues. I am willing to re-register, if necessary. Thanks
    simigeology ·

    I bought the level 1 subscription a while ago but never got my red truck in my signature, Can you help me out with this?
    jimmyrig ·
    Hey can you point me in the right direction... Sent a message about vendor status and have not been able to get a hold of anybody
    Wrowdy22 ·
    your rig is looking good. When are you going to be complete? I see that the drive shafts are still missing in your last pics. The roll cage looks good. I can't wait to get off all these hours I am working maybe then you can take me on a test ride. Later Dude have a cold one for me cause I can't.
    7 venado ·
    Hi my friend, I'll be at your work place on Saturday morning, I'll need Royal Purple for my diferentials and, the trim(rubber)for the doors. 2002 Taco. I know,. I'll be saving a few dollars. Thanks Shannon. See you. Jose
    Lili2coma ·
    Hey hey and Baconbits should come over tonight,i'll give you a beer and won't charge $100.00!
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