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  • theizzardking ·
    hey man obviously your a pro and saw where you guys where talking about factory switches for the fogs, yeah beat to death i know, but in one of the threads you guys where saying to use teh 84160-28010 if you have to have the green light, well i do lol, my ass is that tight, lol that said i got the switch right here and can;t figure out the wiring for it it has 4 rpongs on teh back ass opposed the the 3 that's on teh switch everyone else is using,you know where i can track this information down i just need to know ground power and remote if you know what i'm saying, sorry to bog up your page with qeustions couldn't find a pm function on this site and i'm new to it.
    thanks for not ripping me too badly and a shot in the right direction would be sweet!
    happy wheel'n
    Max ·
    Hi I saw you truck in a 2006 4WD Toyota Owner magazine. I was looking at your radius arm setup on your front axle and was wondering what joints you used? Are they johnny joints at all four connections on each arm? I already did a three link on my truck but am just interested. Anyway nice truck! Also do you have any pics of the radius arms online?
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