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  • v8cobra99 ·
    Sorry to ask a stupid question... How do I insert pictures in my postings ??? I see I can add attachments, but it looks like that has a memory/size limit.
    Clucky ·
    Hey man, noticed you were a moderator here. I've tried posting pics a few times with no success. I'm following the directions given in the FAQ section: using the Manage Attachments to upload from my hardrive (don't really like pic hosting sites) and inserting them in the post so it looks like the following:
    BigJ ·
    Sorry, I think I might have listed my truck for sale twice- sorry about that- I'm just getting used to using this system- Thank you for the moderator patience!
    TomTheTacoMan ·
    hey is there any way to search for terms like "2.7" "3rz" I always get an error message because it cant find such a short word.... ???
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