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  1. Post build thread 87 4runner 17yrs+

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    All my riding buddies got out of the sport and our local park closed. Next closest park was 2hrs away and after that it is 3-5hrs for the others. Only taken it out 5 times in the last 2+ years. Trust me having to spend 2hrs towing each way and then having no one you know to ride with takes a...
  2. Post build thread 87 4runner 17yrs+

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    Well it was a great 23 years and 3 months but today I said goodbye. Lots of good adventures and good times. Now on to new and different adventures.
  3. 1987 Toyota 4runner SAS 36s

    For Sale/WTB in AL
    Looking at possibly selling my 4runner. I just don't have the time to take it out on the trails that I used to. I would like to keep it but getting to only 2 or 3 rides a year has got me to thinking I could sell it and use that money toward something I'd get more use out of. I am the second...
  4. 1987 toyota 4runner $7000

    For Sale/WTB in GA
    $6600 cash, truck and parts.
  5. 1987 toyota 4runner $7000

    For Sale/WTB in GA
  6. Homemade 4runner Soft top, Bikini top.

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    I built this one back in '02 it was canvas over a frame built with conduit tubing and aluminum 90* angle that bolted into the hardtop bolts. The back and sides rolled up worked well but the UV rays ate it up. In '04 I built this one with vinyl material and added some windows worked better...
  7. Post build thread 87 4runner 17yrs+

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    Still Wheeling it. Need to replace my sliders in the near future, they're bent to heck. Also thinking of tubing the front clip or just remove all the body and tube the whole thing. T-case is 4.7 and I love the propane. It runs so much better than it did and I got to clean out most of the...
  8. 22RE Stumbling under load.

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    That was my first guess. My intake had a small crack in one of the ribs of the intake tube's bottom and would only stall when I tried to climb over something vertical. On flat ground it would run great and never threw a code. I would start there and then plugs, wires, fuel filter.
  9. Swawwwwmpers

    Is that a 36 or a 38? I'd like to run the 38s but I don't think my drivetrain will like it very much.
  10. Nov 17th riding

    GAP is open on Nov. 3rd. Did anyone talk to Randy at Morris Mtn.? He may let you ride even if it is not an "open" weekend.
  11. Swawwwwmpers

    I voted Iroks, they're lighter and slightly taller than the SX. I ran a set of tsl way back and I think the Iroks hook up better especially when grooved. the only benefit I see in the SX is the sidewall strength. Only complaint I have with Iroks is the wet traction on rocks but I'm not sure...
  12. Wont start but runs great after a bump start

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    This ^^^^ I had the exact problem with mine a few years ago. I replaced the starter, battery and relay, Relay worked for a little while then problems started again. Then a guy told me about a Hot Shot starter relay that basically pumps more voltage and replaces the stock relay. Haven't had a...
  13. IFS lift kit identification

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    I think most IFS lifts are 4" if I remember correctly Superlift was 4-5". just by your pictures I would guess you had a 4" trailmaster. I may be wrong but looks like you are missing several brackets.
  14. IFS lift kit identification

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
  15. Newb in Newnan

    General Discussions
    You might also be interested in the Rockfest event in Auburn at the Great American Park (GAP) on August 25th. They have all levels of obstacles and trails and lots of stuff for RZRs as well.