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  1. 4 BF Goodrich MT KM2 LT285/75R16

    For Sale/WTB in SoCal
  2. 2002 Tacoma 2.7 Engine 5 speed 4x4 xtra cab

    For Sale/WTB in SoCal
    Guys im parting out my 2002 taco its been parked for the past 3 years check out my pics for those peeps i have met on the trails you guys have seen my taco in action. Serious buyers only
  3. need a new cylinder head for a 3RZ engine

    can anyone please let me know where to get one..
  4. azusa has anyone

    Plan a Trail Run
    Has anyone been to azusa lately? How far is the water..
  5. Misfire on cylinder 1, suckin of valve

    I been having a misfire for a while now i did a compression test on cylinder one and psi was at 30. i took it to my buddy at toyota yesterday and he starts telling me that my valve is sucked in WTF :eek: I never heard of this i told him to go ahead and adjust the valves and add shims...
  6. Cleghorn 03-07-10

    Past Events – Photos
    Fucken wasted case...
  7. Solo Big Bear

    Past Events – Photos
    Good pics, looks like you guys had some thrills...
  8. Solo Cleg 2/18

    Past Events – Photos
    By any chance were in west hollywood?
  9. Arb bumper

    I been wanting to buy a bumper for a while now i really like the way the arb looks but people been telling me is too heavy let me know what you guys think.
  10. Ignition coil for 02 tacoma 3RZ

    Maintenance & Parts
    does anyone know where to get these for cheap?
  11. check engine light

    where in lincoln heights i live in highland park whats the name of the shop
  12. What should I do?

    Maintenance & Parts
    you should sell me your seats what do you think?
  13. check engine light

    was up fool you got a scanner
  14. check engine light

    my check engine light has been on for like a week i cant seem to figure out what the fuck is happening. The only thing i could think of is that i dont have my exhaust on. give me some ideas
  15. 3Joom's Depiction of Denny's Truck!

    Off Topic
    I like this Idea
  16. Hey, from Irvine

    New Members Area
    welcome to socal chapter
  17. 7-18 big bear.....

    Plan a Trail Run
    That's fucked up you had to go through all that shit perro
  18. Sat jul 4 pilot rock/cleghorn

    Plan a Trail Run
    thats what im probably gonna do you know before you hit pilot rock to the right... thats where im a set up...
  19. Sat jul 4 pilot rock/cleghorn

    Plan a Trail Run
    Im still gonna run cleghorn and pilot rock on saturday despite what anybody says and im still gonna dip in the water too fucken hot...
  20. Sat jul 4 pilot rock/cleghorn

    Plan a Trail Run
    yeah we'll see whats up good looking though
1-20 of 140 Results