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  1. looking for 86 4runner tailgate.

    For Sale/WTB in GA
    Looking for a 86 4runner tailgate. White would be great but any color will do. Needs working window. Thanks.
  2. looking for 86 4runner tailgate.

    For Sale/WTB in FL
    Looking for tailgate. 864runner. White would be great but any color will do. Needs working window.
  3. Cobra cb FS

    For Sale/WTB in FL
  4. Cobra CB for sale.

    Cobra 29 LTD. Brand new never been used. Only been out of the box for the photos. Got it then got something different. Needs a new home. 40 CB Radio Channels Front Microphone Connector: Allows convenient installation to be in dash or under dash. Special Edition Chrome Cabinet &...
  5. What region?

    General Discussions
    Citrus is Central.
  6. Anyone still here up for a Croom?

    Central Region
    Been good. Got the runner going after 2 years of her sitting in the drive way. Still have a bunch of little bugs to work out from her sitting so long. Then I need to get her gone and get something better suited for the fam. Baby girl started to crawl like 2 weeks ago. She got 2 bottom teeth...
  7. Anyone still here up for a Croom?

    Central Region
    Nope. There is only one mud hole on trail 2 that you will need 4x4. Croom can be all done in 2wd. The sand pit is closed as are most of the hills to climb out there. Croom is also split trails on both sides of main road. The "harder trails" if they could be called that are on the right side...
  8. tampa fla here

    Tell us who you are
    Post up on the Fl board. Better chance u will get a few ppl still around to get a run together. As far as Rancho u could not pay me to go out to that hell hole and I live 10m's from there in Zhills. Better off going to Croom,Citrus,Richloam,Inverness or the other hand full of places with way...
  9. FL-TTORA logo

    General Discussions
    Well seems my 7 year old figured out how to do a hard reboot. Wiped the whole damn thing clean. He didn't even say anything just reinstalled the games and thought he was slick. Asked what happened and got I don't know, It was just all gone. Finally got him to fess up to messing around he don't...
  10. FL-TTORA logo

    General Discussions
    Thanks Yes and no. I have them but they are on my old computer. Kids have that now( for games) as it has no internet(board broke). Does not have a sd slot, no burner and the one usb gave out. (yes old puter) So while the images are there I have no way to get them to share Yes. He is doing...
  11. $241 for shipping sliders??? WTF

    Off Topic
    Thats got to be way off. The web site is giving me a quote of $63 to my door in FL via ground. Your quote sounds like you was getting 2nd day air. check their web site for shipping price.
  12. Hey from AK

    Tell us who you are
    Welcome. Just got back about a week ago from a 11 day trip up there. Got to see my fam. Me and my cousin floated down the Kenai. Started in Moose river (Sterling) and went all the way to the visitor center in Soldotna. We took my uncles boat down to Ninilchik and went out in deep creek for some...
  13. Snorkle

    General Discussions
    Best price me an a friend found for his. Every body else we found was runnin $350 to $470. 04 is the last year arb made a snorkel for the tacoma. There are a few threads on the nat board of people making thier own. I know the link does not say...
  14. Who's the a$$ hole with the BA Sandstorm FJ around Navarre?

    Panhandle Region
    Welcome. So you want to meet him and maybe go wheeling but you call him a A$$ Hole?
  15. feb 26th and 27th(sat,sun)

    Central Region
    What your getting rid of the mud slicks :lmao: Wow now you might just make it through the water holes :D
  16. 86 4runner FS

    For Sale/WTB in FL
    Thanks guys. Hate to see it go but right now I have a ton of stuff going on with gramps and the new baby that should be here between today and March 22nd and its just been sitting in the drive way since I did all the tranny work. Someone will have fun with it for sure.
  17. 86 4runner FS

    For Sale/WTB in GA
    If you need something else let me know. Thanks
  18. RIP Weston.... Loved Dearly,...

    General Discussions
    Sorry to hear Kyle. I know it's hard to lose a friend. It's a shame such a young person that had a bright path in front of him is not around anymore. Seems he did his best with the time he was here and will be missed by all that had the pleasure to have meet him.
  19. Hello

    General Discussions
    Well guys I am stepping down as prez. I just don't have the time right now. Wife is prego and I have a ton of others things going on right now. Kyle is stepping up and I'm going to Vp. I will still be around to help out for a while and help Kyle get set up. The runner is also going up for...
  20. 2005 Polaris Predator 500cc 4 wheeler

    For Sale/WTB in FL
    Needs bigger tires and a sfa :saw:
1-20 of 167 Results