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  1. Shrockworks FJ Sliders

    Hot Deals/Good Finds Pickup at the shop
  2. 1995.5-04 Tacoma Standard Cab Sliders

    Eastern Region
    Hello folks , Need a hand , we are needing someone with a 95.5-04 standard cab tacoma to come by the shop for a day to allow us to get some sliders drawn up for the standard cab. Need vehicle for the day and then we can get you a set of sliders done. Deal on these is 50% off and the install is...
  3. New Truck

    Eastern Region
    Lookin good !
  4. Shrockworks Sale

    Hot Deals/Good Finds
    I thought some of you guys may want to see this , if your not an email subscriber then this will not have been seen by you.
  5. Shrockworks Tacoma / 4Runner front bumper

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    Gone thanks
  6. WTB Tacoma rear CV shaft

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    hope that helps bud, appericate the brews >:)
  7. WTB Tacoma rear CV shaft

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    if u wanna swing by my place in houston sometime ive got one from a extended cab thats taking up space in my garage i dont have the slip yoke for it but i have the half u want.. Free
  8. Project "Red Lux" 85 Ext Cab EFI 4x4

    your getting better at that welding bud.
  9. 2002 runner issue

    General Discussions
    on my runner, on either side of steering wheel is a hole cover on both sides remove the cover and below it is a torx bolt just remove the 2 and airbag section will come off dont pull too far as there is a connector obviously..
  10. 2002 runner issue

    General Discussions
    took airbag off steering wheel contact/ground are fine there still cant figure this out fsm doesnt show a relay under dash for horn but i def hear some damn relay clickin away when u press horn
  11. 2002 runner issue

    General Discussions
    thanks , ill figure out how to disassemble the airbag ect and take a look at it
  12. 2002 runner issue

    General Discussions
    long time no talk, Damn 4runner horns all of a sudden quit working checked steering wheel contact good there relay is clicking when steering wheel is pressed direct wired horn to battery horn is fine im thinking relay ?
  13. Gun pics thread.

    Off Topic
    EDC Sig tacops 1911
  14. I'm still lurking

    Off Topic
    lol what project ? tacoma is long gone.. too much work not enough play.
  15. Hello from HOUSTON!

    Tell us who you are
    Welcome, if I can assist you in any way with your order feel free to contact me via PM on here or email me.
  16. I'm still lurking

    Off Topic
    FU if u dont care :D I still visit every now and then. :welder:
  17. 95-04 Tacoma Rear Hybrid bumper - Shrockworks

    For Sale/WTB in TX
  18. oil filter relocation kit

    I am to assume this is for a 3.4 lol.. I hate that damn engines oil filter location.. if this isnt gone in a few days I'll grab it off you.
  19. (looking) 3.4 auto 2wd

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    Need a 3.4 auto trans for 02 runner know of one hit me up don't need it right now
  20. WTB 4:10-4:56 thirds......

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    97 tacoma non trd ? if so yes 8.4" rear diff.. if u wanna make a trip to houston u can have the one laying around my booth at work... unknown mileage i believe 4.10 gearing.
1-20 of 176 Results