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  1. 8-30-14 BV Carnage

    Past Events – Photos
    Good times! Thanks for the upskirt pics. Zilla's not shy about flashing what she's got.
  2. Moab Sept 19-27

    Plan a Trail Run
    Crazy mad rush switching modes to get everything done so we can jam out to Moab for this... but its mostly coming together... We've got dinner grub for everyone for one night that's all ready to load up in the morning. Looking forward to some more camping and Moab wheeling. Still more to do...
  3. WTB R151F 5-speed Trans *URGENT*

    For Sale/WTB in AZ
    Bump ...still looking.
  4. For Sale 4 Wheeling Habit Complete Kit

    For Sale/WTB in AZ
    Certainly took me by surprise... Chef seemed to have so much fun in that truck I thought he would probably want to be buried in it one day. :driving: And I always liked seeing a swapped silver D-cab to compare to my IFS version. Had lots of fun wheeling with you over the years K-ton! You da...
  5. WTB R151F 5-speed Trans *URGENT*

    For Sale/WTB in AZ
    Hey guys. Searching high and low for an R151F 5-speed manual trans for the #488 stock class Degenerate Racing Ultra4 Yota. Its the one with the 23 spline output that came out of a turbo... MC is 11 weeks out and the next race is Glen Helen in early July. So who's got a line on one, does it...
  6. AzRocks 2014...

    Yeah, I keep expecting to break something big in Toyzilla right before Rocks one of these years and end up taking the IFS Taco out there and running some slightly less crazy trails. I know I saw at least 3 trails rated 2+ which were on the map at camp, plus all the forest road types of stuff...
  7. AzRocks 2014...

    Thanks for the pics and vids! And I should say also that a HUGE thanks goes out to Mike Reeves, the V.P. of Parker 4Wheelers, who was happy as a clam to hop in his Yota-based buggy and lead us through 5 out of the 6 trails we ran that day! Badass, Mike! You were so helpful and knew the...
  8. AzRocks 2014...

    Heck no you don't need a Yota. In fact the club could use another backup token Jeep dude. See you at the next one.
  9. AzRocks 2014...

    Lunch at the desert bar again sounds perfect... That was a great way to refuel before going back out for another tail run after lunch (while the helicopter watched us from the air). :D In retrospect, I shouldn't be so negative with my last post and paint such a bleak picture... It's not all...
  10. AzRocks 2014...

    I hear you Wyatt. I tried for the last few years to keep posting runs and stuff up on the AZTTORA chapter board to try and generate a resurgence of activity and interest and keep things alive around there. Trip report threads, etc. But this place has been slowly dying seemingly in favor of a...
  11. AzRocks 2014...

    See you there! :D
  12. toyota crawler parts, 3rz, diamond axles, cases

    For Sale/WTB in AZ
    I could use that driveshaft as a spare and one longfield Birf, if you will separate the set. I might take those Diamonds off your hands too. Let's talk. If you want to hit TM sometime we can meet out there to do the deal and then go run something. Shoot me a PM if you've still got those...
  13. Toyzilla in the Stealth Family

    The Garage
    Toyzilla has been keeping me smiling out on the trails this year, so I've got no complaints. With the builds on these other rigs I've been wheeling with lately, by comparison I've got to pick my lines and choose my obstacles a little more carefully sometimes, but Zilla keeps getting me out and...
  14. AzRocks 2014...

    Yep, I've only wheeled Parker once and when the trip was over I really wanted to stay and see some more trails in the area. The trails we did get out and run were fun, and there are lots more to check out... I'm in for some more Parker wheeling! :cool:
  15. Home Builder Skills?

    Off Topic
    PMs received. Thanks, I'll get back to you guys if/when we come to the point where we can use the help. House pics? I've got a gallery set up on FB where progress pics of the new house will go, though there's not really anything in it yet. Stay tuned or find me on FB, Wainiha.
  16. Home Builder Skills?

    Off Topic
    Just a longshot feeler here, but please read on if you've got residential construction skills and experience... We have our demo permit in-hand and are finally starting Demo of the old house and garage in prep to build the new house and garage/workshop on our lot here in Black Canyon City...
  17. Doug- someone took your fleshzall idea

    General Discussions
    LMAO Doug! Spoken exactly like the voice of experience. Yeah, there's a worthy quote for my signature line... Obviously people need the reminder!
  18. BCT, LT, Moore's Gulch

    Past Events
    Right on, Sy. I've seen some pics of those trails and they do look challenging. If you can help me link at least one of the axles on Zilla, and maybe flatten the belly a bit, I'll go hit Montrose with you. :eek: :D
  19. camping/ wheeling

    Upcoming Events
    Oh, man. If I weren't out of state working right now I'd be up for this. Already hit Payette this year, but I'd run it again, and/or something else. I should be back in town though in a week or so. Post up again if you want to run some trail(s).
  20. BCT, LT, Moore's Gulch

    Past Events
    Heck yeah, I love me some Colorado wheeling and I'm sure you will too. Montrose has some good trails from what I hear. Would love to run some of those Montrose trails one of these years.
1-20 of 199 Results