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  1. Over and out

    General Discussions
    Hello folks, It’s been while sense I been around here Sorry. I thought it was time for me to jump on here and let you all know what’s up. I have really enjoyed wheeling with you all. But the time has come for me to step down from my post as president. I have a lot going on right now and...
  2. Wellsville Sunday Sept 25

    OK what how did Pete do that? and u found a dirt bike??? details??
  3. The Official Ohio Post Whore Thread

    Off Topic
    your welcome glad you got brakes now
  4. The Official Ohio Post Whore Thread

    Off Topic
    I maybe able to help early Sat morning until like 12 or 1 ?
  5. ARB vs. Shrockworks

    Exterior/Paint/Body Panel Modifications
    I had a ARB on my old truck and it took a beating the only real complaints I had was the cheap plastic bumper caps on the front that got knocked off not long after I put it on the truck and after coming down hard on a few ledges it was no longer close to level side to side, but then again no...
  6. What else with Bilstein 5100's

    Newbie Tech You can get away with your stock coils but they suck to being with and I'm willing to bet if you have many miles on your truck they are whipped...
  7. axle shims...

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    I went through the same thing it took hours to find the right combination I lost track how many times we took it apart trying to find the right combination of shims. I can’t remember what combo ended up working but I do remember the starting point they recommended was way off. We did it with out...
  8. Out of State Thread

    Off Topic
    only one way to find out
  9. Out of State Thread

    Off Topic
    Didn’t you get the insurance on the on the rental? Its not your car just jump it!:D
  10. The Official Ohio Post Whore Thread

    Off Topic
    Todd is going to become a tree hugger now:D I think the only reason he trade for this truck is so people can't wreck his bedsides in Wellsville.
  11. Apparently i bent my frame

    Early Tacoma Tech
    Has your frame been inspected by Toyota yet for cancer?
  12. The Official Ohio Post Whore Thread

    Off Topic
    I'm thinking I may head out tomorrow after work the weather looks good right now.
  13. The Official Ohio Post Whore Thread

    Off Topic
    anybody want to buy a motorcycle?
  14. 85 toy

    General Discussions
    holy cow think that might be worse than mine:eek:
  15. The Official Ohio Post Whore Thread

    Off Topic
    Lookin good like the bed I really want to flat bed mine someday I hope its still opened next spring
  16. The Official Ohio Post Whore Thread

    Off Topic
    I have 1 laying in my garage you can have for cheap and a bent 1 I'll throw in for free it along with twisted axle shaft;)
  17. Rausch Creek July?

    So is it warmer over there? Still wish I was there even with the heat. Maybe you guys can go swimming this year sense I'm not there to break stuff.
  18. Rausch Creek July?

    I’m thinking it’s the 1st 1 listed IIRC he is from the Lansing area
  19. Rausch Creek July?

    Maybe try I have no clue which one it could be. I wonder if he packed up and headed to CO to live.
  20. Rausch Creek July?

    Terry wanted to do that until he found out his mazda couldn't swim. Text me tomorrow and I give u Brandons # I keep forget.
1-20 of 198 Results