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  1. Finally got a pickup!

    New Members Area
    i had a truck that looked like that once....
  2. Gearing help for CO trip

    General Discussions
    you wont be passing anyone but 55 or so should be workable without pushing the truck to the limit, the biggest thing is to make sure you dont have to get on the brakes for someone going up the hill, if you do then you loose all your momentum with how the tranny shifts. I drove with 33's and...
  3. The Alphabet Game Part DOS

    General Discussions
    u know that awesome idea you have to work one day before taking 2 weeks off? Today is like that
  4. Clutch Pressure Plate Failure?

    Early Tacoma Tech
    you already have them. replace them and flush out the fluid. new parts at that mileage aren't going to hurt anything.
  5. Kingston Peak - 10/17

    Off Road Discussion/Trails
    lol she had fun, but i dont think we will do any more runs until after the kid is born
  6. 98 4runner limited

    For Sale/WTB in CO
    weird that it has that, is there a way to find out?
  7. What did you do to your rig today?

    General Discussions
    went wheeling for a light shakedown run. i need to trim my front fenders a bit...
  8. Kingston Peak - 10/17

    Off Road Discussion/Trails
    yeah, aside from using 4low to go slow over the endless sea of rocks it really isnt much of a trail anymore. It has been so washed out that the trail doesn't have any dirt to it, just rocks. There are a few fun spots along the top but its a long drive on a crappy road to get to that point.
  9. Clutch grease verification before doing clutch job

    Early Tacoma Tech
    not a spray can white lithium grease. You will want a high temp grease so it stays where you put it, not run away. A tube of grease will run you about 7-10 bucks and can be used on a few other things like your hubs.
  10. Wake up

    General Discussions
    its too quiet in here, lets go offroading. i figure its like riding a bike you dont forget after 4-5 years right??
  11. Kingston Peak - 10/17

    Off Road Discussion/Trails
    The wife says that she wants to see some scenery and get up into the mountains this weekend, but also indicated that she didn't want to do anything too crazy or far. So kingston sounds like a ok choice to actually be able to see anything and from what I remember i could do it in 2wd if i really...
  12. What did you do to your rig today?

    General Discussions
    new clutch and stuff, only to find out that the muffler is crumbling on the inside and blocking flow...
  13. Clutch Shudder

    Early Tacoma Tech
    Bump replaced the clutch, definitely grabs differently than a stock one. part of the shudder is gone, but i still get a weird vibration above about 2500 rpm, actually going or sitting still in neutral. after taking it for a drive i noticed the exhaust was making a rattling noise, coming from...
  14. Third Gen 4Runner 95-04 taco UCA and LCA low miles

    how many miles were on these?
  15. 2000 Tacoma 2.7L - Cranks but no start

    Early Tacoma Tech
    how full is your tank? honestly its easier to pull the bed, if you dont have everything disconnected from the tank and start to bring it down then you will break or bend something that you missed.
  16. Clutch Shudder

    Early Tacoma Tech
    is there something better? I wouldn't doubt bending something. going from 4.10's to 5.29's was a learning curve in itself. i just dont feel like doing this again in 80k, that seems too short. I plan on buying a new flywheel this go round to eliminate any issues with grinding.
  17. Clutch Shudder

    Early Tacoma Tech
    99 3.4l 5sp with 5.29's and 35's. roughly about 3k miles on the swap up to 5.29's and 35's, before that i was running 4.10's and 33's Driving the taco last week i noticed a pretty awesome shudder above about 2k rpm, first just in 5th, then in 4th, now in 3rd and then just across the board. The...
  18. Who's the CoTTORA Club President these days?

    General Discussions
    that was forever ago..... lol
  19. What did you do to your rig today?

    General Discussions
    the magic part to all of that is indicating that it is "ready". if you have a scangauge then the little light inside your head just turned on. the process to get to that point is slightly entertaining. they roll you up to the dyno setup, get it all ready to go and then try and push the safety...
  20. What did you do to your rig today?

    General Discussions
    installed wheel spacers finally, i forgot what it felt like to actually be able turn into a parking spot. and i passed emissions, the new rules mean that if you have OBD, you can run the larger tires and not have to swap out for rollers anymore. thank you baby jesus!
1-20 of 200 Results