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  1. Boarde has become useless.

    Community Help
    I've been a member of this board since the first way back on Delphi. I'm sad to see that it has degenerated to nothing but useless advertizing and is so busy stuffing stuff I don't need or want into my computer that sometimes it's impossible to even compose a message in the editor. Lately it...
  2. Convert to elocker or Detroit

    Early Tacoma Tech
    I think you can source an ARB for the non locking Toy axle now and you'd be better off. The 8" Toy e-locker is easy to break and it's hard and expensive to find parts for it. Just ask me how I know. Depending on how hard you run it and your tire size you might even consider an axle swap. Even...
  3. hydro assist help!!

    Solid Axle Swap Tech
    I run a stock pump but I run 35" tires. I attempted to monkey with the stock pump but found the poppet valve swedged together making it difficult to do properly as you want to modify both the orifice for more flow and the spring rate for correct line pressure. One without the other made for an...
  4. Rubicon July 6-9

    Trail Runs/Events
    Can you imagine what Fordyce creek looks like now? I guess it's gonna be a tough year to rtun Fordyce.
  5. Need a T100 dipstick conversion tap

    No drill guide but if you're drilling a 3.4 there is a boss in the block casting for the dipstick.
  6. Suspension choice help

    Save time and money, skip the baby steps and cut and swap it.
  7. Steering Popping

    Early Tacoma Tech
    Worn or loose ball joints, yes I had a lower ball joint come unbolted before of other worn rod ends can make bumps in the night. Start wiggling stuff around, usually best to jack a tier up off the ground and wiggle then do the other side.
  8. Rubicon July 6-9

    Trail Runs/Events
    Now that's stuck. Wonder why he didn't just drive it out, must not have lockers maybe. LOL
  9. WTB 95.5-04 Tacoma manual hubs

    Gone a long long time ago. Good luck.
  10. Upgrading a 2.4L 4 cylinder for the mountains

    Newbie Tech
    There's no replacement for displacement other than forced induction so maybe you could look into turbo's and superchargers. That would get you up the grades a bit quicker. Of course you're gonna have to buy more gas to do it. There are no free lunches in real life, not even for democrats.
  11. In-Cab Snorkel

    Early Tacoma Tech
    You're better off getting a safari snorkel and doing it right. Who wants all that noise in the cab anyway? It's not hard to do, just take a deep breath and cut that big hole in your fender and the rest is easy. Costs about 400 bucks and you get to answer a lot of silly questions. I tell them...
  12. Big Bear snow run - Jan 28

    Official Club Events
    On my tractor board, I heard they have had chain restrictions to get up the hill even with 4WD down there now. Might wanna check.
  13. Which fender flare?

    Exterior/Paint/Body Panel Modifications
    I had Bushwackers but later switched to Xenons because they are made from flexible urethane and gave more coverage. I've also been able to easily modify and repair them. Super easy to sand and buff out scratches etc. so they look brand new again.
  14. Straight Axle 1st Gen Tacoma

    Newbie Tech
    Lots to consider here. If you intend to stay on 35's then you can use a built Dana 44 axle but anything more and you're looking at 60's or 1 tons. I ended up with a built HP 44 in front and a RockJock HP 60 in the back. Leaf spring setups are cheaper and easier to do but there are lots more...
  15. Random Video Thread

    Off Topic
    Dropping dead trees is scary. I had a big ole dead fir that I wanted down. It didn't seem like mother nature was gonna do it anytime soon so I got some guys that were around one day working a PG&E job to come over and drop it for just a little money. If the tree itself doesn't get ya, a dead...
  16. Hi lift question

    Thats where I put mine. I put a shovel axe and first aid kit on the other side and fire extinguishers on each side.
  17. Finally back in a Tacoma!

    Tell us who you are
    It seems they always come back so I never left. They're gonna have to bury me in this thing.
  18. Is There A Synthetic GL-4 Gear Oil I Can Buy Off A Store Shelf?

    Newbie Tech
    I've bought both Amsoil and Redline over the counter. But maybe it's a Cali thing.
  19. Does anybody post here any more?

    Eastern Region
    I wonder if he knows that it's likely that I paid more in just income taxes last year than his total income for the last two years combined and that I've been retired for some years now. I guess some folks just like talking out of their asses. :grin2:
  20. Does anybody post here any more?

    Eastern Region
    Yeah well if that happens he'd better see about a second mortgage on his home first.
1-20 of 200 Results