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  1. Post your Tundra/T-100 pictures

    Tundra Tech
    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Post your Tundra/T-100 pictures

    Tundra Tech
    Still have my T100 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Lift questions please help!!

    T-100 Tech
    That will not fit. Lifts for 88-92 ifs trucks and 4runners will..
  4. I am back...

    Eastern Region
    Never disappear... Just been on pavement for a while!!! CARLOS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! Ohhhh wait... n/m.... Welcome back to 4lo country!!
  5. Yota Ranch 3.slow

    Eastern Region
  6. Push pull crossover idea

    Newbie Tech
    I'm still running the IFS steering box with this drag link config. The drag link twists the TIE ROD...SO the steering can feel loose.
  7. June Meeting info

    Eastern Region
    Smoking Starts as soon as the doors open.... Band starts at 9:30
  8. June Meeting info

    Eastern Region
    Well.....I WONT be there... I picked up a gig Friday at the 517 SMOKEY Bar :xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1::xsmokin1:
  9. June Meeting info

    Eastern Region
    Yes !!! Finally...a meet I can make... Let's do this !!
  10. Empty Elocker housing.

    PM Sent :)
  11. WTB in TX: T100/ Tundra rear axle

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    Bring me a rear Dana 60, and take my T100 housing with axles and brakes. :D
  12. Stalling over 45MPH???

    Late Tacoma Tech
    take the bed off with about 4 people..
  13. Stalling over 45MPH???

    Late Tacoma Tech
    You MIGHT have a buttload of trash in the fuel tank... at idle there is not much demand for pressure and volume.. When You get on the highway, the pressure needs to increase, as well as it picks up trash, it will clog the "sock" on the fuel pump till it stalls.. Once You stop, the...
  14. February Meeting

    Eastern Region
    I drive a Scion Xd... Can I still show up ?? :rolleyes:
  15. september-october meeting ???

    Eastern Region
    Yep :)
  16. september-october meeting ???

    Eastern Region
    Friday at 2-ADays ? 7:00 ? It's on Pearland Pkwy. and Beltway 8 10555 Pearland Pkwy · Houston
  17. TTORA Survey 2013

    General Discussions
  18. september-october meeting ???

    Eastern Region
    Still got the T100, need to regear to be trail ready :cool: eNjoying the 10 minute drive to new job ! Been Giggin' with 4 bands every weekend.. (Y'all need to keep up) Haloween party at R&R Sportsbar on the 26th !
  19. what does your username mean?

    Off Topic
    Joe : my first name Momentum: I never stop = Jomentum :cool: Fuck You, I still have tasslels !!!
  20. 8.4 5.29 detroit / 4.10 8" lockrite / bud / misc

    2nd Dibbbs on the 8.4 with that deeeeeeeetroit:)
1-20 of 193 Results