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  1. Who is the DB that is credited for the ruin of this forum?

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    Seeing it happen now on a fj cruiser forum i used to frequent. People there saying Facebook and social media took people off forums. It’s probably half a dozen issues that killed this one New models coming out taco,fjc, etc Adds making it not load quickly People using mobile devices more...
  2. Dear Toyota: I'm trading my Tacoma for a Colorado

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    Im guessing the Colorado will need several trips back to the dealer within the first year for random problems. Domestic auto makers still haven't reached the level of the rest of the world. Most vehicles made today are appliances its sad. I drive a german made vehicle 40k miles a year and...
  3. Old delphi members

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    I started visiting sometime in 02,03. Went on a few trail rides in the Alabama chapter but most people moved off, sold vehicles, families took over. We had a couple meet and greets at a members home who was very nice. One guy did everyones grey wire mod there. He had prepared and cut the...
  4. 60k miles service 08 Taco 4x4

    Late Tacoma Tech These are for an fjcruiser But it's the same as on a Tacoma Changing diff and trans fluids are a great places for people interested in starting to work on their own vehicle to save money. ALWAYS take out...
  5. Dear Toyota: I'm trading my Tacoma for a Colorado

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    didnt 07 have the leaf springs with one less leaf in the pack an no e-locker option. i think the 98-00 could have the best options since they could still be found with man-hubs and a elocker. the 95-04 tacomas are great. I wish I had never sold mine :mad: but you have to move on what annoys...
  6. Dear Toyota: I'm trading my Tacoma for a Colorado

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    i wish i had never sold my 01 i have a fj cruiser now and luckily its not my daily driver or i would have had to sell it like posters above have said you got an exception it sounds like with a bad toyota product but with gm that is the majority of how vehicles are described by people i know...
  7. Rust

    FJ Cruiser Tech
    under body rust has as much to do with where you live as anything. If you live up north where the roads are salted for the winter then you have a up-hill battle ahead. If thats the case I would pressure wash it very well and then cover in an undercarriage protector, maybe even just spray wd40...
  8. The mouldy green snow plow project.

    Land Cruiser Tech
    awesome. !!!! do you have a build thread on pirate or anywhere else. I was thinking i clicked wrong when I was reading about a new wiring connector and a bar tub and scrolled to a running rig Looks awesome. Love all the small details to. Looks like you did things the right way:welder:
  9. What happened to the Toy scene?

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    I figured the a big reason is how much the tacomas cost used. Is a reason you don't see as many people as a few years back on here. I would love to have a 01-04 taco to mess around with and upgrade as I go. But the cost to buy one is too high so less people are getting it. I might be off...
  10. this is stupid, but made my day

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    I can be number 8
  11. What Land Cruiser do you have?

    Land Cruiser Tech
    I figured a 40 would be out of reach for me for a few more years. There are deals to be found on older cruisers and toyotas. The pigs are more expensive to fix up unless you can weld and shape metal pretty good on your own but ive seen a few sell on craigslist for lower than I thought. The...
  12. What Land Cruiser do you have?

    Land Cruiser Tech
    a 78 40 and 07 fj cruiser
  13. Been away a LONG time

    Tell us who you are
    Looks like every vehicle has been awesome. I was hoping to get another Tacoma as well since they are such great platforms but man alive the prices are high for them. I couldn't buy a Tacoma for what I sold mine for 6 years ago the prices have actually gone up with age. Hope no one was hurt...
  14. 3rd row for fj 2012

    FJ Cruiser Tech
    you might could make something yourself. The 2nd row behind the drivers is barely big enough for an adult. I dont see a way to be able to make room for a 3rd row unless they dont have legs its to tight in there
  15. Tundra diesel?

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    Saw this on a friends fb. Is it new info or am I late to the party? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. 07 FJ manual trans. 4lo not working? or is it?

    FJ Cruiser Tech
    I posted on an FJ forum to but, i have gotten such good advice and help here over the years i figured i could post here to I have a 07 trd man. trans with roughly 50k miles. about 2 days ago I tried to see if the locker would still engage just to make sure its in working order. I was not...
  17. WTB FJC grill

    id look here for fj stuff. They go quick they are popular with toyota offroad fans
  18. Gun pics thread.

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    Im going to a wedding in central Alabama around a month from now. Im thinking a detour by cmp is in order found this video of them
  19. Gun pics thread.

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    I was wondering if that place still existed. Were they expensive or good quality. Ive always wanted a Garand but the prices shot up about a decade ago when i began to seriously look and kept putting it off
1-20 of 194 Results