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  1. Sep 6, 2019 Arrivals and Progress on Improvements

    Community Help
    Hi All Community Members and Staff, We would like to announce some improvements and progress based on community feedback and in-thread comments. We appreciate your patience and willingness to work with us. Last Poster is Back You wanted to see the last member to post in a discussion. It is...
  2. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Please don't be afraid to explore and test out things to see how they work on the site. Although you can certainly use the "insert image" icon to upload an image to your post, you can also just drag and drop it to the text editor or even copy/paste it into there! :) (I took this photo at one...
  3. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Dear Community Members, We are excited to announce that we are live on our new forum platform! We have been working hard over the past few months with a leading design and product firm to deliver a cleaner, faster and more engaging experience for you. We have leveraged XenForo tools and...
  4. We Are Going Live!!

    Community Help
    Dear Community Members,Tomorrow is the migration day! We are almost at the starting line and really excited for you to experience the new community platform. As a reminder, the site will be put into maintenance and read-only mode while the migration is underway until completion. We will post a...
  5. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    Dear Community Members, We have posted previous messages announcing a new platform coming to your community that will provide a better experience, faster page speed and work seamlessly across all devices, including mobile. We are excited to announce that Dear Community Members, We have posted...
  6. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    Dear Ttora Community Members, Over the past year, there have been updates to your community environment that have introduced challenges in usability and performance. We sincerely apologize if you have been negatively impacted. Efforts to improve the technology, user interface, and site...
  7. New Banner - Need User Images

    Community Help
    BUMPing this for new banner images. Post away guys. Jeff M
  8. Outage Yesterday

    Community Help
    Hello, forum members. You may have noticed an outage on the site yesterday for a few hours. Google Cloud Services experienced a pretty significant outage which impacted many online services and may have caused this site to be inaccessible to some members for a while. It appears all Google Cloud...
  9. Attention - Panjo Classified Service Retiring

    Community Help
    Hello, As some of you may know the owners of Panjo Classified Service have decided to retire the product. What does this mean for you? As of March 31st, Panjo will no longer allow new items to be listed for sale through Panjo., though existing listings will still be accessible. Following that...
  10. Time to get rid of Panjo!

    Community Help
    Fair enough. Anyone else want to weigh in? We can't make any major changes to the site without community and mod input. Kevin
  11. Where is my classifieds thread?

    Community Help
    Panjo is separate from the forum classifieds. -Philip
  12. Testing Support (Ignore)

    Community Help
    Testing a few things.
  13. Test thread- disregard

    Test Zone
    This is a test :nerd:
  14. Important Security Update!

    Community Help
    <div class="truncate-wrap"> <div class="msg-wrap"> <div class="msg-wrap">Great News! We are happy to announce we are improving security across our network and adding Secure Sockets Layer or SSL to the site. This means going forward you'll see Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS); the...
  15. Welcome Li-VSTESTLEE1418

    Please welcome our newest Supporting Vendor - Li-VSTESTLEE1418!
  16. Welcome Aria-VSTESTLKMA

    Please welcome our newest Supporting Vendor - Aria-VSTESTLKMA!
  17. Vendor Rules

    Vendor Deals
    1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a...
  18. Where is my classifieds thread?

    Community Help
    Hi, It appears there is an issue between Panjo and our site. I have notified the techs regarding this (1969002). Fergus
  19. Where is my classifieds thread?

    Community Help
    Hi there, In what section did you post? Fergus
  20. Boarde has become useless.

    Community Help
    Our mobile development team is working toward this presently, photo integration Kyle
1-20 of 69 Results