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  1. Old delphi members

    Off Topic
    2017 check in It has been since 2009 since the last time I signed in! I actually thought I was done with this when Shannon sold the site! but hey! old habits die hard! LOL who else is around here? any one? bueller? bueller? Ha ha ha!
  2. Made an acquisition...

    I recently replaced a front spindle because I discovered the threads were boogered ? Not allowing me to tighten the lock nuts down properly. They way I discovered it was the tire wear on that corner was funkie. So im hoping once I get my fuel lines to stop leaking I will be able to test that...
  3. Parking Pawl

    General Discussions
    As usual, you beat me to the correct reply!:)
  4. Parking Pawl

    General Discussions
    Mine came from ballistic before the "bleak and dark day" I pay close attention to making sure not to "drag it" because honestly I dont want to have to try and find replacement pads for it. In fact I actually made a slight modification by adding a stiff "return spring". Works great. Hytenor...
  5. Made an acquisition...

    Your comment about the HA steering made me realize thst mine doesn't self center either. Funny how things like thst get overlooked and taken for granted
  6. Yeah, I'm still alive...

    General Discussions
    Shouldnt that be "yep, you READ right..."????? :p Well joe when you get "so technical" with your make it easy to hyjack your
  7. Parking Pawl

    General Discussions
    Im not sure if this is subject specific but I have a pinion brake in place of an ebrake. I have always appreciated a "stiff" parking brake and the pinion brake has worked so well for me. As long as there is some type of traction for my 37's to bite into, I know my truck won't be going anywhere...
  8. Made an acquisition...

    Im going to cut you some slack on lack of photos & progress since I know what you're going through. But still wondering when that pig is heading west? I thought you were going to make a side trip when you picked it up? Oh yeah!someone had class the next morning!lol Still have room to work on...
  9. april 17-20 harlan

    I got family members pissed that we moved even further from harlan. I guess I am not the only bear who feels we have unfinished business ther. Unfortunately I seem to be going through my vacation time like water and already behind the 8 ball on the issue. I dont see having enough time accrued to...
  10. redbird - and - charity

    General Discussions
    Im sure you already got the answer but trail #2 is/was the trail we selected. Nate, glad you took this intuitive on both front. Consider this a bump for both worthy causes
  11. Yeah, I'm still alive...

    General Discussions
    Well I stopped by to see what everyone was up to, so I might as well "Piggy back" Joe's thread. Seems I moved at the right time...y'all have gotten more snow this year than I have! :) and I thought Iowa measured it's snow fall in feet instead of inches! So whats up other than Connor wanting...
  12. Oil level after T100 Pan Swap

    Early Tacoma Tech
    I have heard various issues from those who tried to use the stock dip stick & location. I always assumed itcwas because where the low point of the pan is relocated. I used the t100 dipstick when I sas'd my '97 3.4 and continued to get a full reading using the recommendation for the stock motor
  13. Moving sale

    If I remember right, it is 3.73. It's been a while since I've looked at it. But it was removed from a bone stock 4runner by a dealership service department. I came by it since their master tech was a neighbor & knew I was part of this forum
  14. Moving sale

    Manny my man! Yeah it has been a long time for sure! But not too long that I've forgotten all those "Thursday night drunk" post lol! I got the pm. Diff is available & I'll reply to the pm a bit later tonight. I'm driving down I80 right now
  15. Good news and I suppose good news for everyone

    General Discussions
    Thanks Marty! But it's still feeling like a "banishment". Currently just have my dogs & an air mattress here in Iowa. Man that still sounds strange to me...Iowa and I've been here almost 6 weeks now
  16. Couldn't resist a new Toy

    General Discussions
    I just got my monthly marlin newsletter. He's currently having a pretty good Labor Day sale. If I remember right it said 5-15% off many popular items. So you might check out his site! But then again, I'm sure you get the same newsletter!
  17. Good news and I suppose good news for everyone

    General Discussions
    I'm across the river from moline. The job is in davenport. I'm hoping to add some extra toys to the driveway once I figure out where the driveway is going to be. Pam is already wanting a jet ski & I'm thinking a motorcycle will be good for com minuting until it gets frosty. And what would...
  18. Good news and I suppose good news for everyone

    General Discussions
    I will try to do what I can, but I am already in Iowa, officially "commuting" so its still an outside chance on one of the weekends Im back in Indy it's a possibility but I got to figure out where the first rock is located! all I have seen so far is flat prairies and corn fields! but rumor has...
  19. Moving sale

    Yeah, well that's why I'm a photographer instead of a writer, you old koot! My spell'n has always been fer shit especially when i type on these small key pad " smart phones! Lol how the hell you been? It's amazing how much you accumulate in such short time. Been in this house less than 8 years...
  20. Moving sale

    Set (4) chrome plates wagon wheel syled wheels 15x10 2.75" back spacing Would like $100 Two left hand thread 2" link ends with weld in bungs $100 for the pair (never mounted/used A saw naw steering box $40 6" hydrolic steering ram (for hydro assist) Front diff (a.d.d) for 2002 4tunner which...
1-20 of 190 Results