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  1. Yanman's 88 Pickup

    The Garage
    Trail-Gear Power Flow Power Steering Pump July 2017 I decided it was time to replace and upgrade my stock power steering pump. I went with Trail-Gear's 3.0L Pickup/4Runner Power Flow 1650psi Power Steering Pump Kit. The install went smooth and I am in the process of breaking it in. Pictures...
  2. Yanman's 88 Pickup

    The Garage
    Front E-Brake Cable Broken...Again July 2017 Well, my front E-brake cable broke again while out on a wheeling trip. I'm not sure if it was due to how I installed it or something else. Anyway, I bought another replacement, this time from NAPA and we will see how that install goes and how well...
  3. Photobucket WTF!!!

    General Discussions
    Well looks like the site that I have all my photos on has decided to get greedy and won't display my linked pics on this forum anymore unless I "upgrade" my service. This upgrade is the super premo service and they want $400/year. Looks like I will be exploring other options. I will be...
  4. Yanman's 88 Pickup

    The Garage
    Addicted Offroad Bumpers January 2017 Been a while since my last update. First I had to try to log back into this forum, thank you hackers! :flipoff2: Back in 2016 I started getting a bit of a death wobble, but I didn't have the time to fix it myself. So, back to Addicted Offroad my rig...
  5. 85 with 3.4 swap kinda

    For Sale/WTB in CO
    Say it ain't so! You done with the Nush?
  6. FS: Slee Sliders for 1st Gen Taco

    For Sale/WTB in CO
  7. Nushagak

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    Big maybe here but... What are your plans for the 22RE? I know someone who might be interested in taking it off your hands, for the right price. Again big maybe.
  8. 2015 Toyota Jamboree

    Past Events – Photos
    Had a blast even with a couple near misses. Thanks again Dan. :o I was too busy driving so luckily others where there to take the pics and vids. My Sis was the one who took most of that stuff, but she uses Facebook. So if you want to see what she posted login and browse on CoTTORA's...
  9. Yanman's 88 Pickup

    The Garage
    Crawl Box Issue Fixed July 2015 As stated in earlier posts my T-Cases were having problems with staying in gear, specifically the 2.8 crawl box would pop out of high (1:1) gear when the 4.7 case was in low range while my rig was going forward down a steep incline. This actually got fixed a...
  10. Co Jambo

    Off Road Discussion/Trails
    I'll probably forgo Holy Cross this trip in favor of doing Wheeler Lake. So I'll meet Dan at the Shell station at 11 and just take it easy at the camp site until then. Holy Cross will still be there for next time, assuming asshats and/or mother nature don't get it shut down. Plus I think it...
  11. Co Jambo

    Off Road Discussion/Trails
    I'll be the stray dog following wakkjobb and wrmathis. I really want to do Wheeler Lake on Friday. I always wanted to do that trail.
  12. Co Jambo

    Off Road Discussion/Trails
    x2 EDIT: Hey wakkjobb Dan, want any company on your trails on Saturday and Sunday?
  13. Co Jambo

    Off Road Discussion/Trails
    I plan on being there, unless my rig decides otherwise. Friday I'll be going with the Holy Cross group. Saturday TBD Sunday TBD I'd like to do Wheeler Lake and Chinamans. But I'm up for whatever because I've never had a chance to do any of the trails down in that area. So there is a good...
  14. Nushagak

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    Assuming my rig doesn't do it's usual last minute breakdown I'll be going. :rolleyes: I plan on heading up there on Thursday morning.
  15. TRD Superchargers No More

    Off Topic
    Glad I got mine when I did.
  16. 03 Taco Wiring Help

    I am installing a secondary gauge cluster in my 03 Taco and I am looking for some wiring help. I have gone over the FSM for my truck and I am still unsure what I need to do. I want to tap into the fuse box inside the cab by the driver's side. I want to avoid, if possible, extending the wiring...
  17. Nushagak

    Extreme Mods & Wheeling
    Here is one on the TTORA national board, he getting it supercharged too.
  18. Weld-In Hood Vents

    Mods & Cheap Tricks
    LOL, I was wondering when you would chime in. Does that mean you have the band width? Thanks for the suggestion on GenRight. Unfortunately those are all aluminum and they are all pop riveted to the hood. I want mine flush welded to the hood and painted to match the hood to basically look...
  19. Weld-In Hood Vents

    Mods & Cheap Tricks
    Sending out another feeler to see if anyone might be interested or knows a local shop that will do custom body work. Basically I want to add some hood vents to my Taco. Now because my Taco is my "nice" truck I want this to look good. So what I would settle for on my 88 won't cut the mustard...
  20. Consumers report on the Tacoma

    Off Topic
    Did they also do a study on which truck was the best selling? I bet the Taco is still one of the better selling mid sized trucks. I think most people understand that a truck is never going to ride and handle like a car. If they do they should just get a car. I'm not a fan of the new Tacos...
1-20 of 190 Results