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  1. TOYMINATOR - Rise of the Machine!

    Pickup/Early 4Runner Tech
    looks damn good man. I love that retractable slider idea.
  2. F1 Engines for 2013

    Off Topic confused....
  3. F1 Engines for 2013

    Off Topic
    rumors of V6 turbos for 2014
  4. FYI: Jeep crasher is a convert!

    Tech are you NOT sponsored by the local hospital by now?
  5. Project Rockstar!

    i def like how this is turning out....good work Mark....keep it up!
  6. my friend need a good lawyer.

    General Discussions
  7. Flood

    Off Topic
    im pretty sure the thing with the green square is a navigation bouy for ships/boats (if your going down river, the green square should be on your left. the square on the other side in the pic should be red for if your going up should be on your right) Also, im pretty sure your...
  8. project "idle hands"

    sorry, its been such a long time that i forgot what type of vehicle were talking about. (one that might actually work again vs. one that should be shot into space to become a piece of space junk) eeeggggzactly
  9. project "idle hands"

    either im not getting out enough or.....nope....i still find this funny. btw, is it compatible with ammonium perchlorate composite propellant (APCP) ? :D
  10. new ride

    General Discussions
    i have such GREAT ideas.......if only i were a millionaire so i could make good on them.
  11. New to the family

    Off Topic
    aaaawwww shes cute
  12. new ride

    General Discussions
    time for that underground garage project i keep talkin about......ill bring a shovel so we can get started on making the connecting tunnel to your basement.
  13. My new role in Inttora

    Off Topic
    let me guess, he ALSO suggested that you just yank the motor and put in a new one?
  14. My new role in Inttora

    Off Topic
    if you want my full creativity me so i can think on it.
  15. My new role in Inttora

    Off Topic least my vehicles move. :D .
  16. My new role in Inttora

    Off Topic
    yeah they are both Honda's so i dont really get a pass
  17. My new role in Inttora

    Off Topic
    This pic pretty much sums up my life currently wrt vehicles. #1 frequent long road trips and #2 short drives to work. this is the "small restoration project" i was referring to, time scale of about 5-10 years. :dunno: so for now ill be taking the role of trail rider/winch cable runner
  18. project "idle hands"

    im jus sayin.....stuff like that happens. Damn near happened to me just the other day in my go-cart when i ran over a squirrel....thats why i wear a parachute now....and an 80's style bicycle helmet.
  19. project "idle hands"

    does it have any internal gussets?
  20. project "idle hands"

    is it compatible with NitroMethane?
1-20 of 175 Results