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  1. Marlin crawler

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    Blake, I can go get it for you. Canton is very close to me
  2. 86 Pickup parts

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    Whats the measurments on the AC condenser?
  3. 99 drivetrain (2.7L) for sale

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    Did it sell?
  4. Toyota Driveshaft - No Longer Available

    what yr truck did it come out of?
  5. 99 drivetrain (2.7L) for sale

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    ever make it to DFW?
  6. Whatcha Get

    Off Topic
    ProTo wrench set, Hoyt Faktor Turbo, Klein HD's, B17 Balsa model kit, and passed my board review at work. Happy new year fellas.
  7. Dfw

    General Discussions
    Well hot dog. I'm living in mesquite now!
  8. BMRA Fall Work Day/Halloween Run - Oct 18-19

    I think I can actually do this
  9. Roll call

    Northern Region
    Who all lives in the DFW area? I'm in mesquite
  10. 4 cyl 5.29 Trail Gear thirds

    For Sale/WTB in CO
    Ill do 500$ shipped to my door for both front and rear
  11. Dfw

    General Discussions
    I'm going to be moving to a 30-40 miles radius of Forney for my new job. Will be needing help and willing to help anyone on there projects.
  12. Dfw

    General Discussions
    Who's all in the Dallas area?
  13. New job..??

    General Discussions
    We'll guys I didn't get the job in Paris. They went with a navy nuke tech. However I did get the job in Forney Texas. Hopefully I'll be moving that way In a few weeks once I'm back from Kansas.
  14. 3.4 4runner

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    98. Do you have anything to trade?
  15. 3.4 4runner

    For Sale/WTB in TX
    Is there any interest in a complete front half of a running 3.4 4runner. 2wd, 230k on motor. All is complete under hood.
  16. 2014 Post-Independence July 19-20

    Sorry guys I'm out. Stuck in Kansas till August 2....��
  17. Project "Train Wreck"

    You mean those comfy ass seats that are a direct bolt in to my 81?!!!! Let's talk Scott
  18. -crawler parts-

    For Sale/WTB in CO
    Do you ever make it down to la veta? How beat up are the links and high steer arms?
  19. 2003 Tacoma Prerunner parting out

    Hot Deals/Good Finds
    Of I wasn't in Kansas I'd buy this whole thing. Ugh
  20. 2014 Post-Independence July 19-20

    I think I'll be back from Kansas then. Don't have any wheels but might come out to vist red beard and hobbit.
1-20 of 179 Results