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  1. WTB- 2003 4-Runner front shocks (XREAS)

    Lovely. Can you confirm that 2004 4-runner shocks are a direct replacement?
  2. WTB- 2003 4-Runner front shocks (XREAS)

    Do I just unplug the old ones and get shocks for a 2004? Or is there more to it?
  3. WTB- 2003 4-Runner front shocks (XREAS)

    Looking for some front shocks for a 2003 4-runner with the XREAS system. Located in PA, let me know what you got. Thanks. --Scott
  4. Lefty Or Duals

    General Discussions
    I have pics on my home pc, but it isn't working right now, so you'll have to come see it at TO! I haven't had any problems with the setup I have, besides a leak that I can't seem to stop.
  5. 10th Annual Takeover - SAVE THE DATE!

    Upcoming Events
    I'm still here, just been busy with work and the kids, not much time for play. I'll be there as long as I can get my steering column and locker fixed. Lost my fucking keys for the taco, took me 4 hours of tearing my house apart, finally found them in the bed of the truck! :rolleyes: I also...
  6. Arizona

    Past Events
    Hell yeah....that looks like one hell of a good time!!!
  7. Thoughts/Feelings on Having a Kids Run at Rausch

    General Discussions
    Count me and Logan in JT.
  8. Ford Dana 60's FS

    For Sale/WTB in PA
    Who said anything about breaking shit? If by "wheel", you're referring to the act of paying rausch to use their land, then posting pics on the web for proof of said wheeling, then you got me. Again. Bump for Pete's for sale thread. :rolleyes:
  9. Ford Dana 60's FS

    For Sale/WTB in PA
    That's because I'm not a super gnarly hardcore badass like you???
  10. Ford Dana 60's FS

    For Sale/WTB in PA
    You should just give those to me for letting you be my friend. :cool:
  11. Rear disc brakes on the Cheap

    Solid Axle Swap Tech
    ^^^^^x3 :d
  12. Sad day

    General Discussions
    I'll stop by the house on Sunday to pick up your membership card, keys to the clubhouse and club issued 3 wolf shirt.
  13. help me make a clutch decision...

    I used a centerforce in my 99 and have had no problems. Can't go wrong with a genuine toyota clutch either.
  14. Complete 8.4 Diff - FREE

    Good Deals/Freebies
    Jamie, Axle is gone. I picked it up "Xceler8's" gave it to "Head" to give to "NEV2DEP" ....that make any sense? :D
  15. Takeover 2011

    Past Events
    CV crack was one of the highlights of my weekend, that was good entertainment! JT took your table to give to Andy, thanks for letting us borrow it. I thought it was really short and was like WTF until I realized the legs pulled out. :(
  16. Takeover 2011

    Past Events
    Jon, I had a great time drinking with you guys Saturday night, sorry about the ass-whoopin.:D I got some good ideas for this years trophy mods.:welder: We'll have to talk about what to do for the 10th annual TO, and get started early to make it the best one yet. I wonder if we could get...
  17. Takeover 2011

    Past Events
    Don't get all excited, it likely won't happen...something will fuck me.
  18. Takeover 2011

    Past Events
    Same here JT, was leaking rear diff all the way home, had a stripe from where it was blowing off the back of the trailer. I even seen one person hit the wipers and then pass me rather quickly! :D Anytime man, and thank you for helping convince Sonya that we need to come down for main jambo...
  19. Need copper air line for ARB locker (HELP!!)

    General Discussions
    OK, will do. Thanks
  20. Takeover 2011

    Past Events
    Yep, trophy stays in PA for another year.
1-20 of 187 Results