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  1. Best 37” tire options for 17” wheels?

    I never researched how true the sizes were for the STT Pro. I haven't even measured these 40's. I guess I don't care too much. But if they're too short for you then the MTR's would be a good bet. I got ~45K miles on both sets of the 35's I had. They measure true, too.
  2. SAS on 2002 Tacoma

    Early Tacoma Tech
    You’re welcome to check out my rig but I’m nowhere near Sonoma.. I’m out in Austin Texas now.
  3. Best 37” tire options for 17” wheels?

    Have you thought about the cooper stt Pro? I ran 3 sets of Goodyear MTR’s over the past 10 years. I always liked them but the price for 37’s seemed to jump up a bit since the last time I bought tires (and I work for Discount Tire, I get a good price regardless). I decided on the coopers because...
  4. SAS on 2002 Tacoma

    Early Tacoma Tech
    4” fronts. 6” rears. Made by Allpro Offroad.
  5. SAS on 2002 Tacoma

    Early Tacoma Tech
    Frenched shackles would be best to attain the lowest possible ride height. I however didn't like any of the products out there for frenching the shackles on a Tacoma. The way that the Tacoma frames are shaped doesn't lend well to frenched shackle hangers. But, it is doable. Shackles on the rear...
  6. SAS on 2002 Tacoma

    Early Tacoma Tech
    Height of springs is dependent on where your front mounts will end up ie frenched shackles hangers or under the frame shackles hangers. I run 4” front (under the frame shackles) and 6” rear. With no weight in the bed the rear is a little bit higher maybe about an inch at the most. But, I moved...
  7. Scuba's 99 Single Cab Tacoma

    The Garage
    Coulda swore you said you were retiring years ago 😜 And yeah I don’t get out enough anymore either. Bought a house and a Tundra within 2 months of each other so.. money can be tight.
  8. 98 Tacoma Mystery Problems

    Early Tacoma Tech
    Sounds fuel related. I’ve also heard of clogged cats causing similar issues.
  9. inchworm dual case help needed

    Early Tacoma Tech
    You think that bearing will fit the Trail Gear adapter. I’ve been wondering but kept forgetting to ask you.
  10. Scuba's 99 Single Cab Tacoma

    The Garage
    We’re all healthy. The relationship is rocky to say the least. I may be 17 months sober but apparently I’m still a selfish, egotistical, and controlling asshole. 😂 How are you doing? Happy thanksgiving by the way!
  11. Old delphi members

    Off Topic
    You on
  12. Scuba's 99 Single Cab Tacoma

    The Garage
    95.5-97. That's all that will bolt up to this new core support. $200 later I've got a set on order with all the misc. parts needed to mount grille and headlights. Thank you anyway Chris.
  13. Pics of your Early Tacoma!

    Early Tacoma Tech
    Is that Gilmer?
  14. 2004/2.7L/Man/4WD - inop

    Tell us who you are
    The transfer case handle has a bushing called the shifter seat. Most times they wear out but in extreme cases they disintegrate and will not allow the transfer case lever to stay. It is the blue one for your transfercase behind the W59 Transmission...
  15. What pitman arm are you using?

    Solid Axle Swap Tech
  16. What pitman arm are you using?

    Solid Axle Swap Tech
    I run a flat pitman arm from Parts Mike. Mine is so close to the frame I had to cut the excess off of the stud past the castle nut.
  17. 4x4 shifter conversion

    Early Tacoma Tech
    Yes it is possible. There is no “linkage” with either case. Just simply a shifter that sits atop the case and come straight up into the cab under the shift boot.
  18. 2000 Tacoma Strut stabilizer/impact struts??

    Ahh, yes, the old trailmaster lift. I believe most people switch to the pro-comp 6” lift spindles and add the stock or aftermarket upper control arms back in. Otherwise I remember something about a Volkswagen strut being used to replace your broken strut. It might be best for you to start...
  19. New board

    General Discussions
    I would buy one. Does the PRC have the wall built yet?
  20. 99 Single Cab - Cab Swap done.

    Early Tacoma Tech
    After the new cab was on it was time to put everything back together. One good thing about the harness is that in most places it has brackets that are obvious as to where they go. Aside from that most plugs are 1 off and not duplicated. IE you can't plug the cruise control harness into the AC...
1-20 of 488 Results